Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peek-a-Boo-Promises God Love You & Peek-A-Boo-Promises God Keeps You Safe by Michelle medlock Adams

O.k. folks. I realize you get a bit weary hearing me say this, but I'll say it again! "I love books!" I especially love children's books that are lovely, engaging to the child, right size to hold, educational, fun, lovely (oops! I already said that!), and interactive.  So today I'm bringing you a couple of books for the toddlers in your life. 

These little books incorporate the old tried-and-true game that kiddies love - Peek-A-Boo.  On each and every page, you'll have a short rhyme on the left side page and on the right side page you'll lift a flap that will finish the "poem."  The right side gives a Scripture reference.  So here is what it is like...
Just like a bird that spreads its wings,
God shelters you from scarey things.(Psalm 91:4)
Mom can have her Bible open and then read that particular verse to the child and plant a seed of faith in God's protection.

In the first book:  Peek-A-Boo Promises God Keeps You Safe the child will see that God's promises for protection are hidden underneath the flap:  Shelter from scarey things, angels protecting him, help through the day, etc.

In the second book: Peek-A-Book Promises God Loves You the child learns that God made you and loves you, God knows you, God's love is here to stay and will never go away.

These are beautiful words of encouragement and instill the confidence in the child that God is there for him through everything.

I can hardly wait to pass these lovely books along to my youngest two grand daughters. I am sure their mommy will show them how each flap reveals one of God's promises to them.  Well, I actually think the 7 and 9 year olds will enjoy it, too.

I encourage adults who have a toddler in your sphere of influence to consider getting one of these lovely books and putting it into the hands of that little one you love.
DISCLOSURE: I received a copy of each of these Peek-A-Boo Promises books from Ideals Publications Candy Cane Press in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own. I also receive a second set which I will pass along to a family with a little one to enjoy.


  1. Oh Vera, what a beautiful book. I know I won't find faith focused books in my local library, so I am very keen to start a collection for Gigi that encompass our faith. Thanks so much for linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop, Cheers Julie Grasso

  2. Jambo - and others - I would encourage you to go to your library. Do a search of the library's computer available books by using the search words "Christian" "Christian fiction" "children's Christian" and you might be amazed what you will find tucked away in there. Also, most libraries have a "request" section where you can request they acquire books by title or by author. I lived in an EXTREMELY liberal college community for years and could not find much that seemed fit to read. However, one day I tried the searches I mentioned and started finding books. Then I began to request by author or by title. They started acquiring a few at a time. I would check to see what they had new in the library (they always have this in a section by the door usually or on the computer)to see if they got the book.

    Your next step is to MAKE CERTAIN that you check out those books that are Christian. If they don't see activity for books of a genre or by an author, they will pull them from the collection. So if you want Christian books, you must help the circulation activity.


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