Monday, March 18, 2013

"My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book" by Lois Rock; illustrated by Alex Ayliffe

About the book: Here is a story and activity book containing a complete retelling of the Easter story presented in a simple manner for young children to grasp. The stickers are used first to complete the illustrations in the main story. Then there are extra activities on each page alongside the story - counting, naming, identifying - with stickers for each. All of the stickers are found in the center of the book where they are grouped and numbered according to activity to make it easy for young children to find the right sticker. A fun and interactive way for children to learn the Easter story.

Review:  As parents and grandparents, we are always looking for interactive and engaging ways to teach our children.  Our little ones need to be able to see, hear, and touch during the learning process.  What they see should be interesting, pretty, colorful, distinctive. What they hear should be the truth, factual, and geared to their age and learning capabilities.  And what they touch should be actually "feelable" (my word coining) or involve their actually doing something with an item.  Stickers have long been a feelable, "doing something with it," way of teaching - similar to the once used "flannel graph." (I KNOW some of you remember your Sunday School teachers using flannel graph to teach your Sunday School lesson and letting you place the figures up on the board.)

The pictures In My Very First Easter Story are simple and colorful.  Not a lot of detail.  The stickers (there are lots of them) with places on each page - large and small - and will help to maintain the child's interest in the book and story for days.

I love the added teachable moments on each page. At the bottom of the page where Jesus upset the tables in the Temple and said that the "...Temple was a place where people pray," the question is raised: "Where are these children saying their prayers? With the answers - mealtime, quiet time, bedtime.

Teaching the crucifixtion of Christ to a young child is very difficult.  How much? How detailed? What to leave out? What to include?  In this little book the author has chosen the words: "...he was put to death: nailed to a cross of wood."

At the conclusion of the book there is a recap of "The Story of Jesus."  I like this because in block form there are 8 blocks that show His story and a young child can readily learn each phase of the life of Jesus this way and "retell it to himself or another." Another good teachable tool.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy of My Very First Easter Story by Kregel in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own.


  1. Looks like a great Easter book and stickers are always a good way to get kids interested!
    thanks for sharing with the Kid Lit blog hop

  2. Looks like a great set of stickers and activities for Easter. DD seems never to tier of them :)


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