Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Some Cat" by Mary Casanova & illustrated by Ard Hoyt (Review & Giveaway)

ISBN:  978-0-374-37123-4
Hardcover Picture Book

A distressed cat has been clawed onto the cover of  Some Cat  where the author has combined soft watercolors and scratched pen drawings to bring to life the story.  Violet (the cat) has been imprisoned in the animal shelter, and she once lived where there was too much shouting and not enough to eat.  Alas, she is continuously passed over for adoption because she hisses and scratches in protest. But finally a couple sees hope in her and does take her home.

Home is also home of two dogs; and being the queen she thinks she is, Violet terrorizes the dogs.  But one day danger strikes Violet in the form of stray dogs on the attack.  She tries to escape but does so only with the help of her housemate dogs, George and Zippity and her new owners.  This experience shows her she has friends and protection.

I don't see this as the typical animal humane society story of adoption of a pet.  I see it as a tale of the undeserving gaining friends and protection.  However, I also see a darker underlying story of abused children available for adoption but passed over. I see them as striking back in their adopted homes once they do gain entry.  I see them as vulnerable in the world (the stray dogs) and needing the protection of family.  So even if you don't actually pass along these underlying, darker elements of the story to the child to whom you are reading the book.  Perhaps it will plant a seed that family matters and family is protection.  Also, that there is hope for the abused and unlovable.

Illustrator Ard Hoyt has aptly drawn the illustrations of Some Cat depicting a distressed, angry, out of sorts cat set upon by stray dogs and saved by strong "family" with  beautifully soft watercolors and brisk pen/pencil lines. Once "saved" the drawings of Violet (Some Cat) soften adding to the illusion that her life has adjusted and softened, too.
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  1. Oh how interesting! There was another link in the Kid Lit Blog Hop to a different book by Mary Casanova, Utterly Otterly Day. She's written so many great books. Thanks for this great review! :)

  2. I left a comment on Mary's FB page
    Mary Avlos-Dailey

  3. Definitely something to be learned!

  4. That sounds like an interesting idea for a book. The issue of what to do with difficult people (and I'm thinking not just of children who need new families, but of older people I know who need friends but at the same time are incredibly hostile or socially inept) is a serious one. I have a tendancy to try to take in "strays" and yet at times I have to set boundaries and say no... I can't have a person in my life... so I wonder, how does the couple deal with the aggression?

  5. I left a comment on Mary's fb page.

  6. I think this story has more to it. A good story of awareness. ml_mcafee@yahoo.com

  7. It sounds like there's a lot more to it to be learned. Probably the kind of book you read as a child and enjoy, and then revisit later and realize there was more to it; kind of like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.


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