Monday, November 12, 2012

"Bible Detective - A Puzzle Search Book" by Peter Martin & Illustrated by Peter Kent

About the book: 
Young detectives will never tire of this picture-search puzzle book. Readers can pore over 17 cleverly illustrated scenes of Bible events to find the answers to the questions posed on each page. Some puzzles involve looking for details of everyday life, others highlight things that happened in the Bible stories--offering hours of fun to readers as they search for the answers.
With lots to find, this kind of picture book is particularly great for reluctant readers and visual learners, helping all children get an overview of the Bible's history and content as they super-sleuth their way through the book. Warning: may be addictive!

My thoughts: 

Most children have a bit of a detective in them.  Always searching out tidbits of the unknown and ferreting out information in the smallest form.  Well, if you happen to know one of these child-detectives, Bible Detective by Peter Martin is just the book for them.  It is actually a learning tool, a story book, a Bible study book, and a "game" all rolled into one.

The illustrations by Peter Kent are tiny, detailed, and packed full of trivia and major points of interest.  It is the goal of the reader to find specific hidden items in each illustrated story.  And then there is, of course, the hidden "fox" that is tucked away in each scene.

But the larger picture of this book (or should I say "gem") is the fact that the reader is taken on a timeline Bible study learning facts from the Old and New Testaments.  The gleaned information is further implanted on the reader's mind because of his/her involvement in searching out minute details within the illustrations.  The "game" per-say.  Exercising one's brain in the solving of puzzles is a stimulus that cements the learning.

Bible Detective opens with the story of Noah and completes with the New Testament voyage to the port of Caesarea.  Each story gives the Biblical reference as well as the time in which it occurred.

I foresee children from the age of 5 and up and the adults that read with them thoroughly enjoying their romp through the pages of Bible Detective as they learn the small details, the main points, and see the bigger picture of these Bible stories.

DISCLOSURE:  Kregel provided a complimentary copy of Bible Detective by Peter Martin and illustrated by Peter Kent to facilitate my giving an honest review.  I was not obligated to render a positive review and received no compensation for this review.

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