Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Gimmie-Jimmy" by Sherrill S.Cannon

I "really liked" the book because it deals with the selfish attitude that so many children exhibit. When children are selfish, grasping, bullying, snatching youngsters they ultimately have not friends. This little book deals with this in Jimmy who has been given the nickname of "Gimme-Jimmy."

As a former teacher, the author Sherrill S. Cannon has most likely seen this character flaw exhibited in the classroom and on the playground and she has taken steps to show forth to youngsters that such behavior is flawed and will result in one having no friends. This is true.

Now why in the world would I only give the book a 3-star rating? Well, I honestly like the book, the story, and the illustrations. However, I see the father of Jimmy in the act of lying in order get his son's attention and teach him a lesson. The old fairy tale of Pinocchio is actually re-told in "Gimmie-Jimmy" but it is Jimmy's hand that is growing every time he exhibits the "gimmie" behavior. I personally believe that parents and adults should be truthful with their children. There is a difference in the "telling of a story" to get a point across and actually lying to one's child.

So a "fairy-tale" such as Pinocchio in "real life" is not really my cup of tea. Still this is a cute story.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy of Gimmie-Jimmy by the author to facilitate an honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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  1. Hi Vera, We also reviewed this book and I think our interpretation of the father's warning was more along the lines of an old wives' tale, similar to what my Mom used to say, "If you make faces when the wind is changing directions, it will stay like that forever." We knew it wasn't true, but the point was to stop making faces. I think the story in the book still sends a positive message. Thanks for linking in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. :)


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