Monday, November 7, 2011

Spicing up the holidays with Torani Flavored Syrups & Giveaway

Flavored coffee.  You either love it or you hate it.  Frankly, I like my coffee sweetened, creamed, and about half of the time - flavored.  It is a treat when I purchase coffee at one of the many first class coffee shops to get flavored.  And my favorites of these are hazelnut and mocha.  Now really good coffee with a pump or two of rich hazelnut syrup is super good!   Now all this leads me to say.... .....

Regular and Sugar Free flavored syrups
that add flavor and enhance beverages.
I am a SheSpeaks Blogger Society member and they asked if I would accept, try, and review some of the Torani flavored syrups.  Now what's a Southern lady that loves good coffee going to say to that, I ask you?  Of course, I said I would (I would love, love, love to do so!).  So my box arrived just the other day.

Torani Hazelnut syrup
works well in lattes,
mochas, & iced coffees.
Provided are two large bottles of Torani Syrup - Hazelnut and Pumpkin Pie.  There are also five (I said "5"!!!!) coupons for a FREE  BOTTLE.  Now not being a glutton and needing to practice the virtue of sharing, I will be offering a "GIVEAWAY" later on.  So keep your eyes peeled for that, folks!
About Torani:  Since 1925, family-owned Torani has been crafting great tasting flavored syrups that coffeehouses use to make their flavored drinks taste so delicious. With over 120 flavors in regular and sugar free varieties, Torani flavored syrups are perfect for flavored lattes, mochas, coffees, cocoas, Italian sodas, teas, lemonades, cocktails and smoothies.
I noticed on the bottle that this syrup is made here in the USA.  Also, the ingredient label is easy to read  because I can understand the names of the ingredients - you know nut flavors, cane sugar, purified water, etc.

I'm already into the bottle of hazelnut for a couple of days.  It is good!  I brewed it with some New England brand coffee using their breakfast blend.  I found I didn't need to add sugar or other sweetener.  I also creamed my coffee with one of the liquid creamers (real stuff, not artificial). Good.

Torani Sugar Free
Pumpkin Pie syrup
is great in lattes,
steamers, & blended coffees.
Tonight I broke out the Pumpkin Pie Syrup made with Splenda and "0" calories.  I brewed a single cup of New England Colombian decaf.  Again, no additional sweetener was needed.  I creamed the coffee with a good natural dairy creamer.  I found the spicy flavor delightful and not at all over powering.  Next time I may add a bit more to see if it is bolder.  But as I am drinking it right now, it is delightful.

I've seen where folks are using these syrups to flavor foods other than beverages.  For example, adding the pumpkin spice syrup to cream cheese icing on spice cupcakes. Sounds yummy.  But I see these syrups as add-ins for a full array of beverages.  You can create hot or cold coffee beverages.  You can mix fruit drinks or anything you can imagine.  Torani has a vast array of flavors.  Click to shop at    (Tip:  Buy any Torani flavor online at at a 10% discount by using Special Offer Code - shespeaks)

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  As I said, there are 5 coupons for a FREE bottle.  I plan to give 2 of my readers 2 each coupons.  You will need to leave me at least one comment as an entry.  Here are some suggested "entry comments":  
  1. Visit the Torani website and choose the flavor you think appeals to you most. Then comment here about that flavor.
  2. Tell ME in your comment how you would use the syrups over the upcoming holidays.   
  3. You can share this GIVEAWAY anywhere you wish - just leave a comment saying where you shared. 
Any or all or more of these comments will be good.  Just click the Post a Comment phrase at the end of the post.
    Use code shespeaks
    for 10% off
    online purchase
Now none of that is MANDATORY.  The only mandatory item is for you to leave a comment and each comment gives you an entry.  You will also need to leave an email for me to contact the winner.  The winner must be willing to give me your mailing address to send the coupons to you.  This information stops, ends, is kaput at that point and no one else will have access to it.  GIVEAWAY:  runs November 8 through November 19 at midnight EST.  I will announce the winner on Chat With Vera.  Winner will have 2 days to claim prize and provide mailing information.  Winners will be chosen using

I was provided the Torani Flavored syrups and Free product coupons at no charge by SheSpeaks in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Stay in touch for more uses for Torani Flavored Syrups. 


  1. I love the peppermint flavor in my coffee and hot chocolate.

  2. I love these flavored syrups! My favorite is Pumpkin pie and Vanilla.

  3. "Amy" left this comment via my Kontacer form: I would use the Vanilla Bean flavor in my hot chocolate :)

  4. "Lee" left this comment via my Kontacer form: I luv these flavored syrups in my coffee or hot chocolate.

  5. I would love to try the raspberry flavor in coffee or soda!

  6. I would love the Pumpkin Pie flavor for my coffee!

  7. I will try the pumpkin flavor in my pumpkin pie

  8. I love the french vanilla in my coffee every morning and for the holidays i add a bit pf peppermint!

  9. I really want to try Salted Caramel.

  10. I'd love the sugar free hazelnut in my coffee or hot coca! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  11. I'd love to get the peppermint flavor.

  12. I would use the flavors in my hot cocoa or coffee. I think our holiday guests would love to try them, too.

  13. Thanks for the Great Giveaway! I love Cinnamon as my first choice. Would love to try the Pumpkin Spice and the Butter Pecan.

  14. Thanks for a chance to win! :o) I love any of the chocolate flavors. I would use Toscano syrup to make flavored coffees for visitors in the Holidays.

  15. Thank you again for this wonderful Giveaway!

  16. Hi Vera! Thanks for telling me about your giveaway. That pumpkin pie syrup sounds amazing! :)

  17. I like berries. I would pick the blackberry or huckleberry flavor to try!

  18. I want to try the Italian Cream!

  19. I would love to try the Italian Cream!

  20. I would love to try salted caramel. I have not found it near me yet. This would be added to my whipped cream for hot chocolate and to top off desserts. I use the regular caramel one now.

  21. I would love to try the salted caramel. I can only find the regular caramel near me.
    I add it to whipped cream for hot chocolate and dessert toppings

  22. would like to try the Crème de Banana syrup


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    karin56381 (at)


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