Sunday, November 6, 2011

Southern lady scores well at grocery shopping

Well, this little old lady took her aching bones and muscles down the road to Harris Teeter on Saturday to take part in "super doubles" (which will end on Tuesday, November 8).  I did some home work the evening before on the "boards" and printed some coupons that I found enticing (thankful it is early in the month and they are still online). Also, Harris Teeter has several things BOGO and that helped lots, too.  (By-the-way, you can print nice coupons right here at Chat With Vera by clicking the displays.)

First of all let's clarify, this was not a "coupons only" trip. It was a "get-the-groceries-you-need" and find some good "coupon deals" trip as well. So there were items we needed and were out of. There was fresh fruit and veggies.  Items I saw that I thought I'd simply like to have. And stuff I thought my husband would enjoy.

I laid out $113 in money spent. But I had $94 in savings (store sales, BOGO, and super doubles). I was able to use right many $1/1 coupons, $1/2, and a couple of $1.50/1. Many of the items I purchased with coupons were on "sale" which sweetened the deal even more.  Some were even BOGO. The "coupon fairy" strategically placed a couple of nice coupons for me to find.  In case you don't know what a "coupon fairy" is, they are those kind folks who leave their extra coupons on the shelves right at the "on sale" items.

So do the math..... $207 in groceries for $94. 

I think the Lord provided very well for me this trip. Isn't God good to allow us to find nice deals on good food?  (And yes, I took my re-useable shopping  bags with me.)


  1. Pretty good savings if you ask me ;) following you now would love the follow back

  2. Thank you for the comment & will do... :)


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