Thursday, December 25, 2008

Where is He who is born King of the Jews?

Like folks today, the people living in Bethlehem and throughout the World didn't have a clue that their Saviour was being born as a lowly babe in a manger. If they had know or realized, there would have been rejoicing in the streets by some, but also the forces of Satan would also have been at work to thwart the plan of God to redeem the World.

So Christ was born quietly, without mid-wife, doctor, or assistance other than that of Joseph. The babe had no sterile environment in which to be laid. Yet he was more pure than anything ever to be placed in this world.

True there were Jewish scholars who studied the Torah and knew that God's anointed Messiah was to be born. But either their were oblivious to the clues or they were blinded by the eyes of Satan to expect Christ at that time and at that place. It was only when questioned by Herod that his scholars opened their eyes to the fact that a King of the Jews was to be born. And this only when Wise Men from the East came to Herod and asked where the King was for they had "seen his star."

They still await.
They still have not seen.
They are still oblivious.

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