Monday, December 1, 2008

Is "cussing" acceptable?

A question was recently raised as to the acceptability of certain words online. Words of a profane and vulgar nature. Quite frankly, I prefer to dwell in polite society where that type of language is never appropriate. I don't mean specifically "church society," either.

Gentlemen and Ladies simply do not need to use vulgar or profane language. I was not exposed to it and we never exposed our children to it. It simply was not and is not acceptable to us. That does not mean that the feeling expressed by some of the words or terms expressing anger, dismay, etc. have not being felt. It simply means that you learn to control your verbal expressions as well as your physical expressions.

Now that is simply "polite society." As a Christian we have a higher calling to control and cleanse our tongues and our emotions. We are not to act or live profanely or in any sort of a vulgar manner. It would not be pleasing to our Lord and Saviour. Nor would it honor Him who has redeemed us.

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