Thursday, December 25, 2008

Remembering a Church Christmas Program

I remember a church Christmas program a few years back (my kids were already grown). The kids 3 years and up to about 16 were giving a re-enactment of the Birth of the Christ Child.

The program was progressing nicely. And then when the kindergarten aged kiddies were lined up and singing their shepherd song, or an angel song - who remembers at this point? - the action began!

Shepherd #1, who was a pretty good size fellow for his age, for some reason decides that he is being crowded or needs more room or whatever. So he gives Shepherd #2 a shove.

Shepherd #2 is a smaller li'l fellow - whose family was in the States on student visa while Dad was in grad school and they were from a country very much South of the US - about as far South as you can go without being off the globe. Well, Shepherd #2 decides he's not going to be shoved around by the big guy. So he shoves back.

Then Shepherd #1 decides that the li'l Shepherd isn't going to shove him around! So he jabs Shepherd #2. What do you think Shepherd #2 does? He literally lights into Shepherd #1!

Pandemonium ensues.
Music stops.
Singing stops.
Moms fly.
And Shepherds no longer were watching their flocks by night!

So what are your memories of Christmas pagents at church or school? Have you a good tale to tell? Have you a precious memory of when you were a shepherd, angel, wiseman? Have you a story to tell of when you as a harried leader were trying to garner the talents of all the wee ones so they could present the ever-wonderful story of the birth of the Christ child? Sit back and reflect on Christmas past in your own life and see where it takes you.

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