Friday, October 17, 2008

....where is the respect?

It has been reported that Senator Obama said the following: "Its not that I want to punish your success, when you spread the wealth around it is good for everyone." This was in response to "Joe the Plumber." Much has been said about "Joe" and much has been said about Senator Obama's tax plan and spreading the wealth around. I frankly, do not want any form of Socialism and believe that you don't take from the wealthy to give to the poor. Not forced giving. The fact is this and other statements have probably been blown all out of proportion - Statements by Senator Obama and statements by Senator McCain.

However, in regard to this statement being blown out of proportion, I believe, truly believe, that statements from both camps have been blown out of proportion. Also, where is any respect in this election? I see so very little. These are people who are aspiring to become the leader of the best nation in the world. How can anyone think well of their future leadership when all this rot has been transpiring.

Someone recently said something which I think is very noteworthy:

"The biggest cost in an election is truth."

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  1. Absolutely. The biggest cost is the truth...the truth at which voters must plow thru the junk thrown at them from the candidates to guess at which is partially true. It is a travesty that our society has brought us to elections such as this and that this "historical" event will go down in history as such bc of the turmoil and disruption it will create in our country. I fear division and many riots and tumultuous times ahead no matter who wins the election. Racism and reverse racism will abound and pull down the greatness of this country. I also fear the direction that the country will be lead in the hands of a man such as Obama should he win the election especially bc of his various upbringings and including the fact that he may not be a natural born citizen of the US (see YouTube Obama Citizen LawSuit). So much to lose in this election. I've said my piece and now may God bless America despite the fact that we've turned our backs on Him!


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