Tuesday, November 11, 2008


You can do so many things with your bird. Just the last couple weeks we had guests and bought several of these delicious birds. We sliced and served the birds.

Being Granny Frugal, I popped the carcass of 2 of the birds in a freezer bag for later. These I will boil and use the liquid for cooking rice or for a soup base. There will be a little meat that I can glean from the bones. This I will mix with a little mayonnaise, mustard (Grey Poupon harvest is great), pickle relish (sweet and/or dill), chopped onion and celery. A little pepper - now you have a bit of real good chicken salad.

I have already cooked one of the carcasses that I didn't freeze. I made a soup. I used 1/2 can diced tomatoes w/peppers, celery, onion. Chopped a little celery and onion into it. Added a little precooked rice I had on hand (or you could toss in a tablespoon or two of uncooked rice). Added a can of Bush's mixed beans (pinto & northern). Dash of pepper. There you have it. Quick and delicious.

If you don't slice the meat and serve right away, you can use some of it in any casserole that you want. You can also take one of those Hamburger or Chicken Helpers and put some of the chicken in it.

Have fun!

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