Wednesday, October 1, 2008

China and the element of trust

Recently in the news we have been reading where there is a major problem with milk in China. Thousands of Chinese babies have become seriously ill because of the presence of melamine in baby formula. Now the search, internationally, is on to determine how widespread this contaminated milk and associated products actually is. It has been found in Cadbury candy. What a blow to our chocolate taste buds!

This is causing me, and I am wondering how many others, to doubt the safety of all foodstuff products produced, or whose ingredients are produced, in China. A few months back it was contaminated toothpaste. Now milk, Cadbury candy, cookies, etc.

When you pick up a package at the grocer's do you read where it is produced? Do you read where ALL the ingredients originated? Can you even determine where the ingredients originated? How vigilant are you? How vigilant are you going to be in the future?

China, are you listening? Do you hear that we are really worried about the products you are sending out to your own consumers and to us?

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