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Building a child's faith journey home library: Zacchaeus, Jesus, Hands for Jesus [Review & Giveaway]

What are you doing to build your child's home library that will aid in his faith journey? Start young! Start with truth and faithfully rendered Bible story books.

The Man in the Tree & the Brand New Start: A True Story about Zacchaeus & the Difference Knowing Jesus Makes by Carl Laferton & illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

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My thoughts: 
This is a New Testament Bible story that is always a favorite of young children and they most always respond wonderfully to it's telling. In this author's and artist's retelling of Zacchaeus' story, it begins with three things to know about Zacchaeus - he was short, he was very rich, and he was not happy. And then one day Jesus came to town.

The illustrations are super cute and colorful. The presentation is several small scenes and short paragraphs of text of each page that will engage the young reader or listener. And Zacchaeus in the tree is really something to see. And then Jesus saw him and what a change.

The book then segues to a modern home and applies it to life for today. Beautifully told and a sure winner for building your child's faith library.

About the book: Zacchaeus was very short, very rich, and not very happy, but his encounter with Jesus changed everything. 

In response to the grace Jesus showed him, Zacchaeus was transformed from the inside out. He repented, treasured Jesus above everything else, and showed kindness and generosity to others like never before.

Use this story to teach children that only following Jesus will make them truly happy and fulfilled, and that genuine repentance and faith is demonstrated by loving others. Secret word: library

Little Me, Big God: Stories about Jesus: Eight True Stories from the Bible by Steph Williams & illustrated by Steph Williams

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My thoughts: 
This is truly a wonderful compilation of Bible stories about Jesus for the young child. Each story is told in an engaging manner and the illustrations capture the attention of the child. I love that there are eight stories in one book instead of separate books. The book is a little more hefty than young children's books usually are, but not too large or heavy for a toddler to handle. It gives the child an opportunity to request a specific favorite to be re-read to him. And each story has more detailed explanation and Scripture references at the end of the pictorial story. A real plus.

The "Stories About Jesus" is a series of books (see here) and you can purchase single stories ($4.99) or the volumn of eight ($19.99). A wonderful addition to a child's faith journey library.

About the book: 
  • How many people did Jesus feed with one boy's lunch?
  • Why did a dad run down a road?
  • What happened when Jesus's disciples stopped some children who wanted to talk to him?
  • And why did Jesus die on a cross?

Enjoy reading eight Gospel stories, retold in a faithful and fun way for 2-4-year-olds. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the colorful, exciting illustrations, and older ones can get to grips with the "extra bits" that go deeper into each story.

This hardback collection of eight stories from the "Little Me, Big God" series is a great addition to any young child's bookshelf or children's ministry range.


  1. The House that Went Splat (Luke 6)
  2. The Boy Who Shared His Sandwich (Luke 9)
  3. The Best Thing to Do (Luke 10)
  4. How Can I Pray? (Luke 11)
  5. The Dad Who Never Gave Up (Luke 15)
  6. Never Too Little (Luke 18)
  7. The Man Who Would Not Be Quiet (Luke 18)
  8. The Easter Fix (Luke 22 – 24)

Your Amazing Hands by Abbey Wedgeworth, illustrated by Emma Randall

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My thoughts: 
The illustrations depict young elementary but the book will also appeal and be appropriate for young toddlers as well. The illustrations are also very inclusive showing children of a variety of skin colors, etc. Written with a delightful rhyming text that flows energetically from page to page telling the story of how our hands are wonderfully movable, strong, creative, helpful, loving, kind. 

Hands are amazing and they are made by our amazing, creative Creator-God. And then the text goes on to tell us that sometimes our hands don't do what they should do and how that problem can be solved.

An amazing book about our amazing hands created by our Amazing God. Another wonderful addition to your child's faith journey library.

About the book: This charming rhyming book celebrates God’s good design for our hands, motivating children aged 3+ to use their hands to glorify God.  

Children will be inspired by all the creative and interesting things their hands can do—they can even use them to bring comfort and joy to others! They’ll discover that Jesus had hands just like ours and that he always used his hands in the most amazing ways, including to save us. 

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Not only that: the way that Jesus used his hands means that we can be forgiven when we use our hands in the wrong way. Children are invited to pray for forgiveness when they make mistakes, and for help to use their hands in the ways God intends. The book’s fun rhyming style and colorful illustrations make it easy to engage with this life-altering message of repentance, forgiveness, and grace-fueled obedience. 

Your Amazing Hands is part of the Training Young Hearts series, which consists of board books for toddlers as well as rhyming books for children over 3. All the books in the series train young hearts through the gospel, both by showing Jesus as an example and by explaining how his grace enables us to change. Parents, teachers, and other loved ones can refer back to these resources when specific behaviors need to be both corrected and connected to forgiveness, grace, and growth.

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And just for fun..... clips of songs from youtube Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man and The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rocks

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