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The world beyond us... "I'm a Black Hole" and "Cosmic Collisions: Asteroid vs Comet" STEM Reading (Mom's Rock Giveaway Hop) [Review & Giveaway]

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I’m a Black Hole (Meet the Universe) by Dr. Eve M. Vavagiakis from MIT Kids Press

My thoughts:   
Simplistically written in rhyming text, a child can envision himself in space and contemplating a black hole. The narration states that black holes are condensed matter or collapsed mater and are extremely dense. Also, the idea that a black hole can swallow anything within the boundaries of its "event horizon" is presented, but our young space traveler need not worry because he can't get close enough to be swallowed up.

Truly an interesting introduction to the mysteries of the universe and what a black hole is. This will make an interesting read for older elementary children as well as middle grade readers. The book's back matter has terms defined and explained a bit more comprehensively yet still quite elementary.

A good addition to home libraries for space-minded readers and for school and classroom libraries. MIT Kids Press does such a good job of science education for young readers.

About the book: Journey to the event horizon in this playful, mind-bending introduction to one of our universe’s most mysterious marvels—narrated by a black hole itself.

Lurking at the center of our galaxy and in the farthest reaches of space are black holes. Once unseeable and unknowable, these cosmic devourers—sometimes born from the death of stars—swallow even light itself. What exactly is a black hole? And how do we even know they exist? In a kid-friendly, rhyming narration, the elusive astronomical object introduces itself as both a behemoth star-eater and a shy, rarely-spotted phenomena. Physicist Eve M. Vavagiakis’s approachable text is paired with Jessica Lanan’s imaginative depictions of a young astronaut venturing where no human has gone before, along with stunning renderings of our fascinating narrator and the final frontier. Endnotes expand, spread by spread, on the fascinating science behind black holes and the cutting-edge experiments used to study them. This second entry in the Meet the Universe series will light readers’ curiosity and have them racing to discover more secrets hidden among the stars.

Cosmic Collisions: Asteroid vs. Comet by Dr. Marc J. Kuchner from MIT Kids Press

My thoughts: 
The image of a cosmic collision involving Earth and an asteriod is mind boggling and terrifying. In this book Cosmic Collisions: Asteroid vs. Comet, the author describes the opponents - Asteroid vs. Comet - and the lead up to their impending battle or collision. The reader will learn what an asteroid is, it's orbit, it's composition, and it's possible impact on Earth. Information about a Comet is also provided about the Comet's composition, speed, orbit, and the impact it's collision would have on whatever it collided. 

The reader is given information and then asked to determine what the outcome of an Asteroid vs. Comet collision would be. It might surprise the reader to learn the real outcome.

This is another interesting science read from MIT Kids Press and one that will stretch the imagination and comprehension of young readers.

About the book: What happens when two massive hunks of hurtling space debris slam into each other? Welcome to round one in the Cosmic Collisions series—an exciting children’s debut from an expert astrophysicist.

There’s a comet speeding in from the outer solar system, and it’s about to slam into an asteroid. Who will be left standing after this interplanetary smackdown? The pockmarked asteroid, a veteran fighter who’s already seen some action? Or the dazzling comet, with its incredible velocity and a tail that stretches millions of miles? Kicking off a dynamic series on cosmic collisions, Asteroid vs. Comet starts by comparing the two opponents, then offers hints and context to encourage readers to use real science to form a hypothesis. Action-packed full-color illustrations with a graphic, comic-book feel will attract reluctant readers and kids who love smash-and-crash, along with budding scientists. Curious readers can find back matter addressing the question of fact versus fiction, how to become a citizen scientist, and comets and asteroids in the news. Secret word: collision

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