Saturday, October 9, 2021

"Time For Bed, Old House" & "The Sun Shines On the Sea" [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

Time for Bed, Old House by Janet Costa Bates & illustrated by A.G. Ford 

My thoughts: 
This sweet book shows the care that man puts into closing up his home for the night. A home is a living place when caring people live within its walls.

As Grandpop goes about getting ready for bed and getting his grandson into his pajamas, he tells his "I'm not sleepy" grandson that "'s time to put the house to bed."

So they go through the motions of pulling the shades, turning off lights, tip toeing up the stairs.

A sweet and beautifully illustrated book.

About the book: Isaac is excited about having a sleepover at Grandpop’s house, but he’s a little nervous about being away from home for the first time. Luckily, his knowing Grandpop tells him it’s not quite time to go to bed yet—first, he needs Isaac’s help in putting the house to bed. Quietly and slowly, they move from room to room, turning out lights and pulling down shades, as Grandpop gently explains the nighttime sounds that Isaac finds unfamiliar. Now it’s time to read the house a bedtime story (Isaac is good at reading the pictures). By the time the house is settled in for the night, Isaac and Grandpop are ready for bed, too. Janet Costa Bates’s tender story and A. G. Ford’s cozy illustrations will have families—and extended families or friends—eager to take a wise Grandpop’s cue and embrace a new nighttime tradition.

The Sun Shines on the Sea by Michael Slack

My thoughts: 
I'd say this board picture book is multileveled in application for the young child. 

It is simply a fun book to see the layers of life in the sea.

It is a life-cycle of the sea book showing how each life is dependent on another.

It shows the circular food-chain of creatures of the sea.

It shows that all this life is dependent on the Sun.

It is also an ideal book that can show the child that every creature eats - even young children. You can address as you read which of the sea creatures you might have for dinner.

I like that it is not too dumbed-down for young listeners.

About the book: A gentle introduction to the food chain for the preschool set, this eye-catching lift-the-flap book has a fun twist ending.

The sun shines on the sea. Phytoplankton soak up the sun. Hungry krill feast on the plankton. Next, a shoal of fish swirl around the krill. Then along comes some squid . . . And on it goes, up the oceanic food chain, from squid to tuna to shark and, finally, to whale. But what is the whale hungry for? Little ones will delight in lifting the flaps to discover what's in each creature's belly--and will enjoy the unexpected twist of the largest animal feasting on one of the smallest. With enticing flaps, simple language, and brightly stylized illustrations, Michael Slack takes very young children on a sea journey up the food chain and around in a circle for a final surprise.
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