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Fall National Geographic treasures for kids 8-12 - African Animals, Zeus the Mighty, & Kid's World Atlas

Ultimate Book of African Animals by Emmy Award-Winning Filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert (ages 8-12, hardcover)

My thoughts: 
This beautiful large (oversized) hardcover book is home to spectacular photographs, drawings, and information about the enormously varied animal life of Africa. 

The book groups the animals. The extinct animals of Africa are shown - even those who became extinct prior to man's impact on animals.

If you want an armchair safari or just want to learn about the varied creatures on Earth and specifically Africa, this is a magnificent book to own.

I recommend.

About the book: Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? With National Geographic photographer-filmmaker duo Beverly and Dereck Joubert as their guides, readers are transported to the plains of the Serengeti, the sands of the Sahara and the shaded nooks of the rainforest. Dereck and Beverly are eight-time Emmy award-winning filmmakers, National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and wildlife conservationists who have been filming, researching and exploring Africa for over 35 years.  By sharing their stories of life on safari and Beverly's jaw-dropping photography, this dynamic duo gives the reader unique, behind-the-lens access to Africa's wildlife, how they live, play and hunt and how they have adapted to their wild, one-of-a-kind environments.  A big, beautiful guide to animals that roar, race and "totally rule," this gift-worthy book is overflowing with facts, stats and photos of animals of all behaviors, shapes and sizes -- including the tiny bombardier beetle, the sneaky desert viper, mischievous monkeys, elusive Ethiopian wolves, as well as fan favorites like lions, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, hippos, gorillas, rhinos, and so many more.    

Zeus the Mighty Book 3: The Trials of Hairy-Clees by Crispin Boyer (ages 8-12, hardcover, National Geographic Kids Under the Stars fiction imprint)  

"Readers will appreciate the overlay of this mythological world atop the real-life operations of a pet rescue center and how Boyer manages to fit all the plot pieces together perfectly. Great characters, action, adventure, and lots of humor" -- School Library Connection

"A treat for proto–Percy Jackson fans.” — Kirkus Reviews

My thoughts: 
I think this is a fun book for kids 8 years and up who are reading chapter books. It will give them a glimpse into Greek mythology and even provides some end pages of real information.

The story is a "take" on the Greek myths in today's vernacular and the setting is Athens, Georgia and it's a bunch of animals. The tone of the story from the snippet I read is light and fun to read.

I think it would be a lot of fun for a middle-elementary to young middle-school child to read.

About the book: Get your Greek mythology fix!  Welcome to Mount Olympus, a pet supply and rescue center that sits high on a hill in Athens, Georgia. The overconfident hamster Zeus, wise cat Athena, and other rescued pets live there under the watchful eye of their caretaker, Artie, who's obsessed with Greek mythology. The pets overhear her favorite podcast, Greeking Out, and now believe themselves to be the actual megastars of mythology!  Book 3 begins with a challenge: The Trials of Hairy-Clees are only for the bravest and most awesome gods of all. Who among them will become the ultimate champion? The pets of Mount Olympus Pet Center are a true team: They conquer epic quests as easily as Ares the pug scarfs down Mutt Nuggets and they vanquish enemies who are pricklier than the spines on Poseidon the pufferfish. But when a chicken named Hermes shows up one day, things take a turn, and before the team knows it, the Oracle has spoken and the mysterious Trials of Hairy-Clees begin! Who will become top god? And can Zeus learn to share the limelight to fight alongside Hermes? More info about all the titles in the series and its characters, a book trailer, printables, "Truth Behind the Fiction," Greeking Out podcast  (yes, it's real!), games and the Educators Guide, click HERE.  

NG Kids World Atlas 6th Edition (ages 10+, hardcover and paperback)

"No one does maps or atlases with as much panache and knowledge as National Geographic" - Washington Post

My thoughts:
What's not to love about this beautiful book about our wonderful world. It's an atlas so it tells and shows us places, how to get there, what's there, etc. Lots of grand information.

The pictures are absolutely awesome. The scope of material covered, fantastic. The treasure that is this book is on a grand scale topping wonderful.

As people, we need to know and understand our world on a global scale and as people have not understood or had access to information previously. This book gives young people the opportunity to have at their fingertips information to help them understand and work together for a preserved world.

I highly recommend.

About the book: This Fall, the map experts at National Geographic debuts the sixth edition of their Kids World Atlas -- the perfect reference for kids to learn about lands close to home or oceans away. This title is an authoritative and well-designed with completely updated maps, stats, and facts about the people, places, trends, and developments of our world.  Highlights include the latest geographic and political information, a new map on global migration that introduces kids to the movement of people around the world, new graphics that present facts in an easy-to-read format, a place-name index with more than 3,000 locations, colorful photography that shows the beauty and diversity of our world and more than 120 maps, each one telling a story.   Now more than ever, kids need to understand the world from a global perspective -- this is an invaluable resource for using in the classroom or reading at home.

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  1. 1. I provide the children in our family with both fiction and non-fiction books and magazines.
    2. I read both non-fiction and fiction, but I read more fiction books.
    3. All National Geographic Kids books are wonderful. One outstanding one is their yearly almanac. This year it would be their Almanac 2022.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Great questions. I give lots of books and other materials, some educational, some just for fun, to my nieces and nephews. They love it.
    My personal favorite books are non-fiction these days.
    I can't think of a Nat Geo book that wouldn't be a good fit for someone. They're all my favorites.
    Thanks!! crs(at)codedivasites(dot)com

  3. I like both fiction and non-fiction. I love National Geographic and would recommend all of their books. They have so much information. I love reading them too.

  4. My grandson loves both fiction and nonfiction books. I like both, also. We have many National Geographic Books and we especially enjoy the Weird but True books.

  5. My nieces adore both. They are littl sponges soaking up the info. My son has a bunch of NG books from when he was little & has passed them along. His favorite are the Weird but True ones.

  6. 1. I provide both fiction and nonfiction books for my kids.
    2. I prefer fiction books. Mostly fantasy and science fiction.
    3. My favorite Nat Geo book is National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia. If you have a dinosaur lover in the house, this book is a must.

  7. (1) Do you provide your child (or child you have some influence) with fiction or non-fiction books? I GIVE MY GREAT NIECE ALL KINDS OF BOOKS. I WANT HER TO DECIDE WHAT IS HER FAVORITES

    (2) Which do you prefer for yourself - fiction or non-fiction? I AM A MIXED READER I READ MORE FICTION BUT I ALSO READ SOME NO FICTION


    (High value entry, leave a thoughtful comment, please.)

  8. I like both. I do influence my sons.

  9. (1) Do you provide your child (or child you have some influence) with fiction or non-fiction books? Yes, we have tons of both

    (2) Which do you prefer for yourself - fiction or non-fiction? I prefer fiction but I also non-fiction

    (3) Do you have a SPECIFIC Nat'l Geo Kids book you RECOMMEND? National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why


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