Tuesday, June 15, 2021

WHOLLY® Avocado makes meal prep fast for everyone.

The product is good, all natural, just avocado and would really save a lot of time in preparing dishes where you need several avocados at a time. I really like that the prepared avocado lasts longer in the unopened package than an unused whole avocado. Once the package is open, though, they do turn brown just as a freshly prepared avocado would. There are NO preservatives. It is so special that it does not include ANY additives. Really makes food prep a breeze. I don't use a lot of avocados and the 8 oz package is probably the best option for me.

I purchased 3 of the packages of the prepared WHOLLY® Avocado as a #WhollyAvocadoInsiders reviewer and it is more than I can use in the freshness period, I shared a couple of the packs with my neighbor. They are Hispanic and I thought they'd enjoy. The eyes of the young lady really lit up when she saw the Wholly Avocado products. She said, "Yes, they could use them. We use lots of Avocado!" I loved sharing and it introduced my neighbor to this delightful new product!

Such a treat to not have to prepare an avocado. And a double treat for me since as I got to sample these for free via @theinsidersus group featuring #WhollyAvocadoInsiders. Super treat!

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  1. I have bought this before and love it. Its just me and I can eat it all in 2 days. Avocado are a pain either you wait and wait for them to get ripe or you get home and they are ripe.


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