Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sleep Like Me By Written and Illustrated by Tatia Nadareishvili

ISBN: 9780802855664
Eerdmans Publishing
Hardcover $17.99

My thoughts: 
The young boy can't fall asleep so he takes a walk. While out and about he encounters a variety of animals and tells them he can't sleep. So they tell him how they sleep. Attempting to position himself as the various animals doesn't aid him in his sleep difficulties. 

Eventually, he tires and returns home. Gets into his bed. And...... falls asleep.

A cute story about getting oneself tired enough to actually fall asleep. I like that it actually teaches how various animals do sleep.

About the book: A little boy can’t fall asleep, so he asks the animals how they do it. Will he doze off if he floats on his back like an otter? If he keeps one eye open like a duck? If he hangs upside down like a bat? Nothing seems to help, but all this trying is getting tiring…

This whimsically illustrated book features the real sleeping habits of ten different animals. Whether you snooze like a whale or nod off like a giraffe, Sleep Like Me is the perfect bedtime story for restless nights.

Begins June 20
Ends July 15 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
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