Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Midnight Fair & The Best Place in the World picture books from Candlewick [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

The Midnight Fair by Gideo Sterer & illustrated by Mirachiara Di Giorgio (Hardcover ISBN: 9781536211153 - Ages 3-7)

My thoughts: 
A wordless book that excites the imagination of children. Just imagine, if you would, the "fair" has come to town with all the excitement and glitze, bright lights and sweet goodies, the anticipation and the fun. Then imagine there is a forest abutting the open field where the "fair" stands in all its splendor and glory.

And imagine, if you would, forest creatures large and small, peering from the dense bushes and trees and watching all the activity, lights, fun, food, fabulous doings that the "fair" is to humans.

Then in the late night hours, the fair closes. The people go home. No human is around. And then...... the forest creatures begin to enjoy themselves.

What a fun and imaginative book for you to sit and ponder and exclaim about with your youngster! 

About the book: Far from the city, but not quite the countryside, lies a fairground. When night comes and the fair is empty, something unexpected happens. Wild animals emerge from the forest, a brave raccoon pulls a lever, and the roller coasters and rides explode back into bright, neon life. It’s time for the woodland creatures to head to the fair! In a gorgeous wordless picture book, author Gideon Sterer and illustrator Mariachiara Di Giorgio offer an exuberant take on what animals are up to when humans are asleep. Suffused with color and light, the panel illustrations celebrate the inherent humor and joy in deer flying by on chair-swings, a bear winning a stuffed bear, three weasels carrying a soft pretzel, and a badger driving a bumper car. With thrills both spectacular and subtle, Midnight Fair will have readers punching their tickets again and again to revel in this fantastic nocturnal world.

The Best Place in the World by Petr Horacek (Hardcover ISBN: 9781536212853 - Ages 3-7)

My thoughts: 
Beautifully told, this sweet book has hare asking if they are living is the best place in the world. No one has a good answer.

Then it is suggested that hare go out into the world to find the best place in the world. So he begins his journey.

Parents and children alike will love this story of discovery and appreciation, of the joy of friendships.

A treasure.

About the book: Hare’s meadow is a beautiful place, but he can’t tell whether it’s the best place in the world. His friends all say it is. The rabbits love to run and play together in the fields, the birds love to sing to Hare from high up in the trees, and Bear loves the bees and the honey they share with everyone. But Hare still isn’t certain, so he sets off to explore the world and find out for himself. He discovers green fields, gushing rivers, and starlit deserts. His friends would surely love these places, too, but they’re all back in the meadow without him . . . which leads Hare to realize something important. In a gorgeously written and illustrated story, Petr Hor├ícek masters a tender new tone and delivers a thoughtful meditation on what makes a home.

A set of books each for 2 winners
Begins May 6
Ends June 1 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA & CANADA addresses
NO P.O.Boxes & Canada phone number required
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copies to facilitate reviews. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Prizes are provided and shipped directly to the winners by publisher or publicist.


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