Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fight the pandemics with natural, organic, and vegan soaps and hand creams from GoodEarthBeauty [Review & Giveaway]

Good Earth Beauty Exclusives collection of #natural & #vegan bar soaps

Through the years I have used many types of soap beginning with Ivory Soap (you know the white bar that floats?) and then other brands that include deodorant soaps (with chemicals to deodorize our bodies), detergent "soaps" that are "better" for our skin, and perfumed soaps that run the gamut of sensual delights.

But in 2020 washing our hands, and our bodies with unprecedented frequency has become imperative. It works at stemming the spread of viruses and bacteria that make us sick. But while it is doing that, it also takes a toll on the condition of our skin.

Chapped. Cracked. Drained of natural protective oils. That has been the status quo. 

But we can avoid much of the bad effects of frequent washing by using products that don't strip the skin of oils, that protect, that sooth. And that is where the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives product are your rescue and go-to products to use.

So today, we're going to look at some natural  soaps that are made in the USA and in small batches using natural and sustainable ingredients.  And when we're finished, you will have an opportunity to be one of two winners of GEB Exclusives Bar Soap and 3 Mini-Hand Creams. 

Activated Charcoal Soap 

Soaps that include the ingredient of activated charcoal are usually good for folks who have issues with rashes, acne, and irritations of the skin. The tea tree oil combined with the activated charcoal should be helpful for those who need an extra bit of help in taking care of their skin. Probably it will be good for anyone's skin.

About it: Ingredients: saponified organic olive, coconut, palm oil and shea butter, activated charcoal, tea tree and lavender essential oils

Pumpkin Soap 

Those of my readers who follow my reviews already know that I absolutely love Good Earth Beauty's Pumpkin Soap. This soap is particularly divine feeling as you're using it and for how you skin feels afterward. The scent is absolutely heavenly and doesn't linger where it might conflict with whatever scent you choose to wear for the day. Love it!

About it: All natural Pumpkin Soap with Pumpkin Puree and Pumpkin seed oil, Great seasonal pumpkin scent, Ingredients, Saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm shea butter and pumpkin seed, pumpkin puree, natural pumpkin fragrance oil.

All Natural Vanilla Soap

When I used this vanilla soap in the bath, I found it lathered nicely and had a very gentle scent. No, you won't smell like a cake or cookie reeking with the scent of vanilla flavoring. It is a nice gentle fragrance. My skin had a nice clean feel and doesn't feel dried or chaffed at all. Nice. The lovely oils used in creating this soap add richness that can surely work wonders on your skin.

About it: Ingredients: saponified organic olive, coconut, palm oil and shea butter, natural fragrance oil

Good Earth Beauty Exclusives collection of #natural & #vegan hand creams

This delightful feeling hand cream (lotion) comes in an assortment of scents.

I am already in love (I should really use all caps here because it is a MAJOR "IN LOVE") with the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives Rose Hand Cream and the Lavender Vanilla Hand Creams. But they have more that might surely top the list in preferences for you. Never too heavy on scent but just perfect, and the feel of these hand creams is just absolute perfection.

My hands are luxuriating in this smooth, moist, silky cream.

Hey! Did I tell you that I LOVE IT!

I have used and shared my love of the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives Hand Cream in the scent of Rose with my Chat With Vera readers. But this delightful feeling hand cream (lotion) comes in an assortment of scents. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy using this hand cream and how smooth my hands feel when I use it. It isn't heavy or sticky feeling.

Your skin will definitely feel like you've been wrapped in silk no matter which scent you choose.

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. With shortages still persisting during the COVID-19 Pandemic, why not go ahead and shop real early for gifts that will ensure clean, soft skin for everyone. 

Use discount code VERA10 for a 10% discount, and FREE SHIPPING on USA addressed orders.

2 winners each will win
3 Mini GEB Exclusives Hand Creams &
 1 bar of GEB Exclusives Soap
(Product selection by GEB)
Begins October 4
Ends November 6  @ 12:01 a.m. EST
Open to USA addresses only.
Soap $9.25-$12.00
Mini-Hand Cream $2.75 each
DISCLOSURE: I received products from Good Earth Beauty to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and are freely given. Winners' prize will be sent directly to them by Good Earth Beauty. Product information on products may be located on 


  1. I would like to win because I love scented all natural soaps.
    I have been washing my hands constantly and they are very dry right now. I hate to think what they will be like once the weather gets colder.


  3. My hands are really getting dry now that it’s fall. I need a really good moisturizer that smells good too.

  4. I would like to win the GEB BAR SOAP & HAND CREAM for myself because I love beautiful skin products. These would also make a great gift for the other women in my life.

    Frequent washing during Covid-19 hasn't affected my skin much, but mask-wearing has! I definitely struggle some days with "mask-ne" -- not something I thought I'd be dealing with at my age!

  5. I would love the BODY WASH STRAWBERRY MARGARITA for myself. I think my sister-in-law would really like the GIFT COCONUT GIFT SET - CANDLE AND SOAP!

  6. 1. I would like to have these items for me to use to keep my skin clean and soft.
    2. Extra frequent hand washing has tended to dry out the skin on my hands somewhat.

    allibrary (at) aol d(dot) com

  7. I would like to try these natural soaps and see how good they are. Vivian Furbay jtandviv (at) q (dot) com

  8. I would love to win the GEB BAR SOAP & HAND CREAM for myself and my daughter. She loves natural and vegan products like these.
    My hands are always dry and cracked and washing more often lately has made them much worse, unfortunately.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  9. vera wilson

    Batural is better than reg. Skn dry out with all the necessary hand washing

  10. #1 for me: Bath Salts Crystal Love Rose Quartz
    #2 for friend: New Hand and Body Wash Pumpkin Spice Latte
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. My husband wants to try the charcoal soap because he heard it's good for psoriasis. I want to try the Pina Colada cream.

  12. My hands always get dried out during the winter. I like trying new lotions.

  13. 1) for myself, I would really love to try the BODY CREAM CHOCOLATE AMOUR GOOD EARTH BEAUTY.
    2) for my daugher, she would really like the HAND AND BODY WASH HONEY ALMOND BUTTERCREAM
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  14. I would like to win it for myself because I love to try new natural creams. I have always washed my hands a lot, even before covid so I am always having to use extra moisturizer.

  15. Citrus grapefruit hand cream for me, citrus scents put me in a happy mood! And the vanilla soy candle for my bonus daughter. She loves candles!

  16. I would love to win because it would be nice to try natural products. I have been washing my hands and using hand sanitizer frequently. My skin is starting to dry up and crack a little bit so the hand cream would be nice. I would love to see if this soap also prevents further dryness/helps me skin.

  17. I didn't go overboard with washing my hands...I've always done a good job at washing and keeping sanitary. I love natural products and would love to win to keep some for myself and to give some as gifts to friends of mine who also have skin allergies.

    I couldn't find the exclusives brand. I would love to get the pumpkin and coconut soaps for myself and friends.

  18. For myself, I would want to try the Candy Hearts Hand and Body Wash, and for a gift, I would give my mom the Frosty Peppermint Hand and Body Wash because she loves peppermint stuff.

  19. my son is vegan. i think he would like these

  20. I would love to win this because I've tried a sample of Good Earth lotion before and it kept my hands smooth and made them smell really nice! T
    The constant washing has made my hands so dry and rough.

  21. Day at the Beach Hand Cream for me, and the Apple Pie Hand Cream for my mom.

  22. I want to win because I love natural soaps and skin care. I keep my hands moisturized so frequent washing does not affect my hands.

    I would love to try these soaps and lotions.My skin is very sensitive.My hands are in better shape than usual. As a substitute teacher I wash often to avoid colds and flus. Being in a new location every day I just use the schools soap. It's a painful, dry rashy experience.

  24. I would love to win because I always enjoy trying new products! I would definitely keep it and try it for myself, then if I love it I would order more for gifts. I have always washed my hands a lot, so Covid hasn't affected my skin too much.


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