Thursday, August 27, 2020

Persian Betrayal (Empires of Armageddon #2) by Terry Brennan

My thoughts:  Continuing the story of the Ismael Covenant and times turmoil in the world, "Persian Betray" takes the reader through a convoluted maze of political intrigue as well as Biblical revelations.

This is an intense, active, action packed story that spans the globe.

I found it difficult to follow the religious and territorial conflicts and political machinations that spewed from national security offices in Washington, DC to glamorous Persian domains.

Malevolent spirits from the pit of Hades manipulating individuals sold out to evil with a goal of overthrowing the workings of God in the Earth.

Reading the thoughts, conversations, and actions of true believers and their faith in God to work in their lives and the World at large was a joy. Reading about the evil that abounds in this story made my heart joyful to know that I am saved from the Evil One. 

A third book is on the horizon and it is truly something to look forward to.  I do suggest that this series, Empires of Armageddon be read in sequence. #1 Ishmael Covenant, #2 Persian Betrayal, #3 Ottoman Dominion.

About the book: How much can Brian Mullaney risk to serve God and save lives--without losing his own?

DSS Regional Security Officer Brian Mullaney has been tasked with an incredibly dangerous mission. When a synagogue in Jerusalem is destroyed by an explosion, burying the second key prophecy Mullaney is hunting--and the deadly box that protects it--the answers he desperately needs are also crushed. How can he discover the meaning of the centuries-old prophecy now? Why are he and the ambassador he's assigned to protect being targeted? And is there any way this lone man can thwart a nuclear arms race between three ascendant empires of the past?

An otherworldly servant of evil known only as the Turk is maneuvering all three nations into an intricate dance designed to undermine prophecy about the end times. And he won't let Mullaney or anyone else get in his way.

Wounded in a bloody shoot-out, pressured by his wife to come home, and mourning the death of his best friend, Mullaney doesn't need a powerful enemy. Who is he to save the Ishmael Covenant, the treaty promising peace in the Middle East? Despite angelic intervention, Mullaney wants nothing to do with his final assignment. But without him, evil will win the ultimate struggle . . . and humankind will have no hope left.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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