Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Book of Kings: Magnificent Monarchs & The Book of Queens: Legendary Leaders from National Geographic [Giveaway]

As with other highly varied titles published by National Geographic Kids Books, they continue to provide books of high interest subject matter, thoroughly researched, beautifully designed, and critically acclaimed.

The following books on Kings and Queens are exceptionally beautiful, interesting, and will bring much to delight and fascinate young readers. Well, let's include the adults in that circle of readers because they, too, will find much to tweak their interest.

I was totally surprised that National Geographic grouped leaders in a variety of fields as kings or queens. They included those highly successful in the arts, in business, in athletics not just ruling monarchs of countries from the ancient past to present time. This lent a bit of surprise adding success as a key ingredient in becoming recognized as a "royal."

The Book of Kings: Magnificent Monarchs, Notorious Nobles and More Distinguished Dudes Who Ruled the World  (ages 8-12, HC, $14.99)

"A wide-angled survey of men who ruled—and not just empires or countries....roster also shows commendable racial and geographic diversity" - Kirkus


The Book of Queens: Legendary Leaders, Fierce Female and More Wonder Women Who Ruled the World (ages 8-12, HC, $14.99)

"A united nations of leading ladies of the past and present, commingled with luminaries in the arts, sciences, and annals of piracy…A carefully diverse roster of "dominant dames" demonstrably capable of breaking gender molds” - Kirkus

They're kings and queens wielding scepters and sitting on thrones, they're revolutionaries on the front lines of change, they're presidents and prime ministers leading their nations, or they're CEOs, scientists, sports legends, and artists who rose to the top of their fields.

In The Book of Kings and The Book of Queens, being a mighty monarch doesn't just mean wearing a crown. Leaders like these come from all over the globe and have different talents.

From Henry VIII to Steve Jobs to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Elizabeth I to Cleopatra to Beyonce and more, every regal ruler in these books showcase the kind of guts, smarts, and strength it takes to lead. And while there are some kings and queens who are very recognizable, others may leave you wondering why so many brave, smart, and hardworking people have gone unnoticed ... until now.

Whether real-life royals or average Janes and Joes who rose to rule, their stories are sure to inspire.

While I really like this book, I think that parents will need to make certain that young readers truly understand the difference between a ruling monarch and a high ranking individual in a field of endeavor. Also, the difference between fictional rulers in books or on the screen and true ruling monarchs.

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