Monday, December 2, 2019

My God Loves Me Bible & My Bedtime Bible Prayers from Kregel Publishing Children's Books

My Bedtime Bible Prayers by Karoline Pahus Pedersen

My thoughts:  This little book will set the habit in young children's hearts and minds to turn their heart toward God in the evening (or any time) as they prepare for their evening rest. Each two-page spread has a heading - "Make A Difference," " "God Is With Us," etc. - a Bible verse, and a short prayer. Each thought appropriate to the Bible verse.

Beautifully written and perfect for young minds to grasp. Allowing these young ones to absorb the right amount of information for their age.

Right sized for young hands with softly padded cover and sturdy pages, and illustrated in simple pictures and blocks of text the book will appeal to the children and soon become a favorite.

I highly recommend this book. Kregel's children's books are always hits with me and I have never been disappointed.

About the book:  Encourages Bible reading and prayer as a natural part of any nighttime routine

This unique book contains 44 prayers, each based on a Bible verse and Bible story, along with a takeaway question. With this caring guidance, children ages 6-8 will learn to share their hearts and thoughts with God—​​​​​​​while also discovering how much He loves them!

My God Loves Me Bible by Cecilie Fodor

My thoughts:  This is an adorable little book for young toddlers. The construction of the book will take a lot of handling with its board pages, softly padded cover, and great handle to facilitate little ones carrying it about.

Though compact in style it covers the Love of God for His Creation by citing verses from the Bible and elaborating on them sufficiently for the young child to grasp the theme of God's love that flows throughout the Bible.

My God Love Me
He is my safe place in hard time
The God of the Faithful (Daniel 6:13-23)
Daniel loved God and prayed to Him three times a day, but this was against the rules....... ......

I highly recommend this charming, educational book for young ones. This is another of the Kregel Publishing children's books. I have not yet been disappointed in their children's books.

About the book:  This colorful book unpacks the wonderful truth that each child is loved by God

Through popular Bible stories, this colorful book unpacks the wonderful truth that each child is loved by God—​​​​​​​and underscores exactly how. Each of the eighteen Bible stories chosen by author Cecilie Fodor speaks uniquely about God's love, backed by additional Scripture references that emphasize the specific truth found in the reading. Together with the heartwarming illustrations, these retellings give children a firm understanding of the Bible message: that God's love for the world and everyone in it led Him to send Christ to save us.

Every child is precious in God's eyes. With this Bible in their hands, they'll be able to confidently say, "My God loves me!" and understand what that means.
DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary books to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.


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