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Pavilion books for a better world: The Green Giant & It's Your World Now! [Review & Giveaway]

Frankly, I prefer to not have children's books used as a source of propaganda for any cause even if the cause is one in which I have an interest. The "green" movement is valid and we all need to be concerned about the effect of what we as individuals do that adversely affect this wonderful World in which we are blessed to reside.That being said, I still found The Green Giant and It's Your World Now! quite nice and acceptable even though they are essential kiddie propoganda for the green movement.

The Green Giant by Katie Cottle (Pavilion Children's; ISBN: 9781843654308; Hardcover $16.95; Ages 4-8; 32 pages) 

My thoughts: No, this is NOT the "Jolly Green Giant" from the mega-vegetable company. This is a giant plant "being" that engages the attention of a city girl visiting in the country.

As the Green Giant and city girl, Bea, get to know one another, Bea learns that there is not much that is green in the city. The  Green Giant persuades, or plants seeds of interest (definite pun intended), in Bea's mind so she plans to plant seeds and have her own plants in the city.

A cute story and it never hurts to encourage children to love to plant seeds or seedlings and have their own green spac/e or little gardens.

About the book: is a beautiful eco-tale that encourages us to put down our devices and save the planet - from the winner of the 2017 Batsford Prize and a rising star in the picture book world.

You've met the Iron Giant, the Big Friendly Giant and the Selfish Giant. Now meet the Green Giant!

A young girl, Bea, and her dog, Iris, are staying with her grandad in the country. Bea is bored, but Iris’s adventures lead them to the seemingly small and rusty old greenhouse next door.

Inside the greenhouse, Bea finds... a giant. A giant made entirely of plants and greenery. Bea is scared, but the giant reassures her and explains that he has escaped from the grey city.

Bea and the giant become friends, but can they do anything to make the grey city, and the world, a greener place?

About the author: Katie is an illustrator and print-maker living and working in Bristol, UK. Her work is often informed by the marks and colors created through traditional lithography. She also works digitally, using an iPad, and occasionally paints with gouache. The Green Giant is her first book.

It's Your World Now! (Pavilion Children's; ISBN: 9781843654315; Hardcover $16.95; Ages 4-8; 32 pages)

My thoughts: Rollicking rhyme is splayed across each of the pages taking the reader and young listener into the concept of who they are and what they can do or can choose to do. This isn't about specifics. It is about the child's being free to discover, try, do, accomplish, succeed, fail at whatever they wish to try.

There are 3 sections and each is a lesson to remember. It ends remembering that the child is loved intensely for just being themselves no matter what they achieve.

The illustrations are cheerful, colorful, and quite whimsical. Each page has a great deal of detail to stir thinking and conversations. A fun book to read and enjoy looking at.

I highly recommend this book.

About the book: Barry Falls' debut picture book is a brilliantly illustrated, funny and thought-provoking celebration of where you might go and what you might do in life that harks back to the Dr. Seuss era of children's books: .

“As for you my bouncing ball, well you can truly have it all. Yes, you can set the world alight, my child-so-small, your future's bright.”

A beautiful, lyrical and funny celebration of the world and the potential of every individual within it, with ;ots of things to spot on each page – cats, birds, flowers, cars, books, castles, rollercoasters and chocolate cake to name a few! Can you spot the ladybug on every page?

This is the perfect book to read to children to help them appreciate the wonderful things that exist in the world, and the wonderful things that they can do, as well as allowing them to understand some of the setbacks that may happen. And in the end, whatever happens, the child is reassured that their parents will always love them.

About the author: Barry Falls is an illustrator, living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He graduated from Ulster University in 2005 and works for a range of clients in publishing, design and advertising. His clients include The New York Times, Orange, Unicef, NSPCC and The Guardian. He lectures in illustration at Ulster University.
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  3. 1. I would like to gift the book Sloth Slept On.

    2. I chose that one because it is not every day that you find a children's book about sloths!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I would be interesting in having the Sloth Slept On book. My daughter and I love sloths.

  5. I like "Woolf" because its about fitting in

  6. I would have to choose WILLIAM BEE’S WONDERFUL WORLD OF TRAINS, BOATS AND PLANES by William Bee because my grandson is totally obsessed with trains and planes. It would give his parents another book to read and read again!

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  8. I would be interested in having "Wild Violet!" It sounds like a hilarious story that my grandchildren would enjoy.


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