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The Express Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #9) by Kimberly Woodhouse [Giveaway - 3 Winners - USA & Review]

My thoughts:  The prologue begins in 1834 as a desperate young mother and her tiny infant desperately seek to escape from the cruelty of her abusive husband. Tense. Fearful. The beginning portends an exciting and captivating tale. Then the book actually begins as the story jumps years in the future to 1860 and we are at a Pony Express Station that doubles as a Stage Coach Station.

The story telling slows and the ground work is methodically laid by the author for this tale set in the "wild west" of the middle 1800s. The author has lavishly sprinkled details of the exciting days when the Pony Express valiantly delivered mail across country in just a matter of days requiring the use of very young men (teens, actually) who were small and quite lightweight. And of course, fast running horses.

But as in most things, corruption and thievery crept in. This is a side tale. The main tale is that of a young man who as an employee of a very wealthy man is searching for the wealthy man's runway wife even though it has been decades since she left.

The characters are strong Christians and there is much discussion amongst them about passages from Scripture as well as how their faith is important to them on a day to day basis.

A short reference to the Mayflower is near the end and shows the connection to the series.

I recommend this as one that Christians will enjoy for the strong references to faith and Scripture, the well told historical story, and the sweet (though predictable) romance that is nicely woven in.

About the Book: The Wilderness Is a Great Place to Hide

Jacqueline Rivers manages a Pony Express station in 1860 Utah territory after her father’s death. There are daily stresses placed on her in this unconventional role—and now a government official is asking her to sniff out counterfeiters. When Elijah Johnson passes through on the stage while on an exhausting quest to find his boss’s heir, he doesn’t want to leave the beguiling station manager. In fact, he may never leave when caught in the crossfire of the territory’s criminal activities. Jackie can’t decide if Elijah is friend or foe. Can she remain strong when secrets of the past and present are finally unearthed?

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  • The Express Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse - set in 1860  Utah Territority (July 2019)

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