Thursday, May 2, 2019

GRACEFULL by Dorena Williamson

ISBN: 9781462792849
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My thoughts: In keeping with the first two books in the series by Dorena Williamson, children are led beautifully through issues with which they might be confronted in today's world. I reviewed both previous books and found that they gently handled issues of racial differences and respecting and appreciating the differences in children or individuals who have different abilities - intellectually, socially, and physically. In this the third book, children see the world of homelessness and displaced or immigrant families and their needs.

The story has children and their families involved in their church's outreach to the families in their area who are temporarily housed in the Chen House while awaiting more permanent accommodations. The hands on and family togetherness to support the Chen House project provides an avenue for extending God's Grace to others in a positive and resourceful way.

Nicely told, well illustrated and a "teaching moment" story to read to children. Perhaps it will plant ideas on how to show God's Grace in the parents hearts as well.

About the book: Hope and Anna love seeing each other at church. When a Sunday grace offering is collected to help lift up Anna’s homeless family, Hope begins to ask questions and has a unique opportunity to learn what grace looks like, both for her and for Anna’s immigrant family. This touching story teaches children that God showers grace that is meant to be shared—allowing us all to be GraceFull!

In this follow up to her first two books, ColorFull and ThoughtFull, Dorena Williamson opens a dialogue on the tough subjects of poverty and homelessness and offers children encouragement to show God’s grace and love to others whose home life or homeland might look very different than their own.


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