Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jadience Herbal Detox Bath Soak [Review]

My thoughts:  This is a brown liquid that doesn't seem to have any particles in it. It dispenses easily through the bath water creating a greenish-brown clear bath. The fragrance is not unpleasant and is slightly "earthy." There don't seem to be flora undertones.

This is a therapeutic bath detox soak and not meant, in my opinion, to provide a floral experience. Was it therapeutic for me?

I soaked for about 20 minutes in very warm water with half the bottle dispensed into the water. It was not unpleasant. It was mildly pleasant. Was it better than soaking in simply warm water? I don't know. I felt relaxed. I had exercised at the gym earlier in the day and my joints and muscles were a little achy. They did not ache after the detox soak nor later in the evening as I went to bed. Was it the Jadience Soak? I don't know. But it certainly did not impede my relaxation and it was perhaps helpful.

There is no oily residue nor feeling of substance left behind though the instructions say to leave the watery soak on the skin and simply pat dry.

I look forward to trying the second half of the bottle. This is an expensive "soak" since the bottle costs in the neighborhood of $15-$16 and you only achieve two soaks per bottle.

Product information (from brand website): This centuries-proven stress-relieving formula consists of the finest organic and wild-crafted herbal ingredients for the most effective and immediate results. This formula powerfully increases chi (energy), detoxifies, and calms the mind.  By increasing chi your condition will become harmonized, your mind will attain clarity, and muscles and joints will become relaxed. Feel the difference for yourself! Find it at https://naturalskinrx.com/products/stress-relieving-soak Made in the USA.

Directions: For an unforgettable experience shake well and pour desired amount of contents into a very warm bath (at least 1/4 of bottle). Fill bath so that the water level falls just below your chest. Immerse yourself in the herb infused water to remove toxins and to calm your mind and body. Relax, breathe deeply and rejuvenate your senses. For best results, remain in bath for at least 20 to 30 minutes, as long as you are comfortable. After bathing, allow the herbal water to remain on your skin and simply pat dry with a towel. Discover the difference for yourself.  Use 2-4 times a week for immediate relief and 2-4 times a month for maintenance.

Ingredients:  Herbal Extract:  (Mulberry Bark, Asparagus Tuber, Angelica, Poria Cocos, Monnier’s Snow Parsley, Astragulus, Chinese Foxglove Root, Fructis Corni Officinalis, Sophora, Ginseng, Clematidis, Longan, Inula, Licorice Root) Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis), Caprylyl Glycol, Natural Lavender Fragrance, Potassium Sorbate, Jade Powder

DISCLAIMER: I received the product reviewed at no cost to me to facilitate evaluation and review. This is a #sponsored review but I was not compensated for the review.

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