Friday, August 31, 2018

SadoTech Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern with 10400 mAh Battery, Flashlight, 7 Modes with Mosquito Repelling Light [#sponsored #review]

My thoughts: The Sado lantern is such a great product. Designed for outdoor use - think - hiking, camping, overnights, fishing, boy scouts, girl scouts, outdoors men. But it is so much more.

The light has three levels of white light in soft, medium, and bright. It can be a "beam" or it can be a "lamp." Then there is an emergency light in red. This, too, has three levels of brightness. And finally it has an "orange" or mosquito repelling light. Here in my home state of  North Carolina we have mosquitoes that range from tiny and pesky to tiny and dreadful. So that mosquito repellent light is a real plus. You can use it at home in the house in case some got in through an open door or if you want to sit outdoors in the cool of the evening, you can deflect some mosquitoes with this repellent lantern.

A special plus of this lantern is the SOS feature. For anyone venturing out in the woods, seaside, ocean, lakes, mountains whether with someone or alone, they NEED the ability to project a distress signal. This SOS lantern feature does just that. To activate the SOS you simply use two quick taps of the on/off button.

The lithium battery can be recharged using a USB cable to connect to your recharging unit just like you would recharge your phone or other devices.

This lantern can be used as a flashlight though one with a smaller diameter would be handier. This is designed primarily as one that can be hung from a rope or branch to light an area or stood on end. It has a "hook" on the bottom that unfastens so you can clip it to the outside of a backpack or whatever.

I think it is designed really well and has sturdy construction. I am quite pleased with this Sado Tech Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern.

Product Details - from Amazon (find it at

Sadotech Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern can charge your smartphone and other devices via a USB cable. It is super compact and lightweight being 110mm high and 70m wide. It fits neatly in a backpack, on a wheel well, and most kitchen drawers.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - The Sadotech Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern can be used is a torch and an SOS lamp with a long lighting time of up to 20 hours. 3 brightness modes – weak, medium, strong -- can be controlled using 1 button. Unlike other camping lanterns in its class, it also has anti-mosquito and power bank functions.
  • EASY TO CARRY AND USEFUL EVEN INDOORS - The built is extremely lightweight shockproof. It can be hung on safety ropes or bags when climbing and backpacking. It is also convenient for home use especially during power outages, Halloween, and night time events.
DISCLOSURE: This is a #sponsored #review for which I received a complimentary or highly discounted product to facilitate the review. Opinions are my own and are given without coercion for a positive review.  

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