Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Journey to Jericho, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls #4 [Review and Giveaway]

My thoughts: Summer of 2017 saw the launch of the children's series "The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls" which is Biblically based and highly readable for kids ages 6 to 9. Now Book #4 in the series "Journey to Jericho" is out and ready for great reading fun.

Written in a type of escapism the stories still capture the essence of the Biblical time and place and the actual persons and activities of the story being told. In "Jericho" we venture forth with siblings Peter and Mary in a bit of "time travel."

First of all, this is a far-fetched and fun story that places a modern pair of kids smack into a Biblical event thousands of years ago. They don't enter this realm as kids of that time and place; no, they enter as spies that help Joshua (remember the Ram's horn was blown 7 times before the walls of Jericho fell). They converse with Joshua. They have the help of the Angel Michael. They fight an evil man in black identified as Satan.

So you may have to help you child understand that while the Bible event did happen and did happen very much as it is written into this story, there was no Peter or Mary (or cute Hank, their dog) present to help matters along.

They are hidden by Rahab when she hides the spies from Jericho men coming to look for spies. Of course, Rahab really did hide the spies, this book just includes Peter and Mary in the adventure.

The reading is good and very age appropriate. It is an adventure with really eye catching illustrations sprinkled throughout. A cute book. I would advise parents, though, to be sure they help their child understand the difference between this one and the actual Biblical account. At the end of the book, there is a nice listing of where in the Bible to find the specific events. This is a real help.

About the book: “In Journey to Jericho, Peter, Mary, and Hank travel to the ancient desert—just as the Israelites are about to enter the Promised Land. The time travelers join a secret spy mission to Jericho, help sneak Rahab to safety, and face the scheming Man in Black. Can they solve the secret of the scroll before the city walls begin to crumble?”

About the series: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to exciting moments in Bible history.
Begins August 30
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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine alone and are freely given. Publisher: WorthyKids/Ideals


  1. We enjoyed the first one in this series. I didn't realize it was already up to #4. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post thanks for sharing it,


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