Friday, February 16, 2018

Somebunny Loves Me by Parry Gripp (National Geographic Kids ) [Review & Giveaway]

ISBN: 9781426329753
Ages 4-8
Hardcover $16.99
My thoughts: In keeping with the quality of National Geographic books for all ages, this new kid's book about a variety of animals that kids have as pets is absolutely charming. The photographs are great and the Parry Gripp rhymes just rollick along with a special charm of their own as they teach care and love of pets.

No matter the pet - horse, dog, kitty, lizard, fish, bunny - there is a rhyme and the child is taught how to lovingly care for the pet he or she has. Feeding, petting, visiting vet, playing, poking, etc. are mentioned as things to do or not to do with or to your pet.

This is not just a book of cute animal pictures, it is a compilation of great pictures, terrific rhymes with a bouncy rhythm, and a great source of gentle education about the care and keeping of pets. I highly recommend.

About the book: This adorable new title from Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter (and animal lover) Parry Gripp shows us the magical world of furry friendship and teaches young readers to be kind to animals of all shapes and sizes.

Through adorable, uplifting photographs, and sweet, silly text, kids will learn not only how to interact with animals, but also just what makes you a good friend for your fuzzy, feathered, or scaly new bud. This fun book will inspire young animal lovers to understand their perfect new pal, giving kids lessons on being gentle with pets, making sure to care and love them, how to be patient, and more. Lyrical text illustrates the fun and companionship that dogs, cats, lizards, fish, rabbits, and all sorts of animal friends can offer. Parents and families considering or who've just gotten a new pet will have fun sharing and learning all about animals together. Plus, turn each page and sing along with Parry with an original song and music video!

NOTE: I love the video and traditionally I don't care for the rapid-fire "rap-style" music that accompanies it. But this is really cute and I love the rhymes and lessons.

Begins February 16
Ends March 10 @ 12:01 a.m. EST
Open to USA addresses only.
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  1. National Geographic Books have fantastic pictures that tell a story just with the photos themselves. The lyrical words give kids a taste of poetry. My grandkids would like this sweet story.

  2. I made a mistake by putting the wrong twitter link in the entry for where I show you that I tweeted the giveaway today & accidentally submitted so it wouldn't let me fix it. I did tweet it correctly though and this is the correct link:


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