Sunday, February 4, 2018

If My Moon Was Your Sun by Andreas Steinhöfel with CD audiobook and music by Georges Bizet (Composer)

I found this book a delight to listen to its being read with the lovely musical interludes throughout. Exceptionally well done!

My thoughts: I found the concept of a listen-along-CD and a lovely book for ages 8 to 12 quite appealing. The listen-along and book combo is usually reserved for the younger child. To further enhance the intriguing concept for ages 8 to 12 they have added interludes of classical music that punctuates the "chapters." This is a superb opportunity to allow the introduction of classical music into the story time for this age.

The music is beautiful and it connsists of the work of composers Sergi Prokofiev and Georges Bizet. The story is beautifully read and is a translation from the German of a beautiful story. Descriptive phrases and lyric style are well done. A pleasure to listen to it being read or to read oneself.

Grandfather has dementia and is in a home with locked doors and Max wants a day out with his grandfather. So an escape from the confines of the nursing home is executed seamlessly by Max and Grandfather with an older lady slipping out with them. And so  they go on their adventure with fun, laughs, and love. As day closes and the moon comes out Max and Grandfather are talking about the moon and the sun and how they revolve. Then Grandfather says, "Who are you?"

Max knows his Grandfather has times of not remembering which is the reason he lives in the "home." Though sadded about his Grandfather's condition, Max wants to help his Grandfather.

The story is beautiful showing the love between a grandson and his grandfather. It is beautifully written in flowing style and with grace and sensitivity. The story can be used to help children understand dementia and how it devastates. Often young children see the effects of dementia on someone they love and don't understand it. This lovely story could help.

On a negative note, while I completely understand this is fiction, it does raise issues. First, a nine-year-old child shouldn't go wandering off across town on his or her own without an adult even having knowledge of his excursion. Secondly, the locks on nursing homes are there for the safety of the residents; and for the dementia resident to leave without a responsible adult is simply asking for trouble and most likely unlawful. Of course, when reading stories like Red Riding Hood we have a little girl traipsing through the deep dark forest unaccompanied, so unattended children on excursions are not new to the literature world. Neither is stretching the law a bit. I did want to point out my concerns about the story while extolling its gentle beauty and wonderful presentation with book and audio.

DISCLOSURE: I received a copy through the Early Reviewers program. Opinions are my own and freely given.

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  1. Such an important topic for families to understand and discuss.


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