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Worthy Kids has new line of Bible Stories for Babies & Toddlers - "In the Beginning" and "Noah's Ark" [Review & Giveaway]

WorthyKids/Ideals Publishing has embarked on a new venture: to create a Bible story series fit for the youngest of children. Beginning with the Creation story, In the Beginning, and with the story of the w orld wide flood in Noah's Ark  utilizing a simple vocabulary of 100 words  combined with simple straight-forward illustrations, they have brought to these young "readers" a concrete introduction into the truth of God's Word. Not intended to replace the Bible, these little board books are intended as an introduction to learning about God and His Word.

ISBN: 9780824919924
Board book ~ Ages 1 - 3My thoughts:
"Children’s Bible stories exist in abundance, but retellings aimed at babies and young toddlers can be hard to find. Author Susana Gay discovered this problem when she couldn’t find a suitable book for a baptism gift. Her solution? She worked with her young son to create Bible story books that are perfect for christenings, baby showers, and everyday use. With bold, modern art and simple words, In the Beginning and Noah’s Ark bring a fresh perspective to classic Bible stories. " [source: Worthy/Ideals]

My thoughts: A simple presentation of the Creation story for the very young child. Told with few words and illustrated simply yet definitively, the days of creation are covered. A sturdy board book that will surely endure the rough handling that little ones tend to give books.

About the book: In the Beginning tells the story of Creation in just one hundred words, highlighting key moments for little ones. Children will learn that in the beginning, everything was dark. Then God said, “Let there be light.” He created the seas and the land, the sun and the moon, all the creatures on the earth . . . and us! And then God rested.

ISBN 9780824919917
Board book ~ Ages 1 - 3
My thoughts: The story of Noah's Ark has proven through the years to be one that young children enjoy; not because they understand the salvation message and judgment by God in the story. No, they just love the tale of lots of animals getting on board a big boat, etc.

This little board book is simply the bare bones story of the Flood and how God provided a means of saving mankind and the animals. It ends with the rainbow (a good color teaching tool).

Being a very short book for the very young child, it must be realized that the depth of the Biblical story can not be fully covered. One slight error I noticed was that all the animals entered the ark - two by two. We know that the "clean animals" were taken in sevens. This is a very good introduction to Noah's Ark for the young child. I would suggest a small "Noah's Ark" playset of little figures and an ark to enhance understanding.

About the book: Noah’s Ark Children will learn that God asked Noah to build a big boat; that it rained and rained for days; and that God saved Noah and the animals, placing a rainbow in the sky. They will learn to count the animals two by two and will discover the many colors of the rainbow.

Both books feature the vibrant artwork of Susana Gay. Uncluttered pages make a nimals and objects stand out, helping to build a child’s vocabulary as the parent or child names zebras, fish, bears, and more. These board book keepsakes are fresh, simple, and uniquely crafted for today’s families.
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Author: Susana Gay is an award-winning graphic designer and the owner of Threehaus, a branding and design studio in Winter Park, Florida. Susana collaborated with her seven-year-old son, Owen, to create Noah’s Ark as a gift for a family baptism. Owen retold the story and sketched some of the fun and friendly scenes. Working with Owen, Susana polished the text and created the art. They followed Noah’s Ark with In the Beginning, resulting in a series of unique and beautiful introductions to favorite childhood Bible stories.

Worthy Publishing Group ( is a privately held, independent voice in inspirational publishing, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Worthy has four imprints: Worthy Books publishes a broad spectrum of genres, including current events, pop culture, biography, fiction, spiritual growth, and specialized Bibles; WorthyKids/Ideals creates colorful, interactive children’s books, including VeggieTales and Berenstain Bears, for ages 2 to 8; Ellie Claire produces beautifully crafted journals, gifts and paper expressions; and Worthy Inspired publishes inspirational felt-need, personal growth, and devotional books.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of each book from Worthy Publishing Group to facilitate a review. Opinions are my own and freely given.


  1. I think children should be read to as soon as they are born. Just knowing that reading is easy and a part of their life is important.

  2. I read to my kids from the time they came home from the hospital. Even when they're far too little to follow a story, they can still learn to associate books with good things like love and snuggles and parental attention.

  3. As soon as babies are born they can enjoy being read books.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I started reading to my kids while they were in the womb. I started reading to my grandchildren as soon as they were born.

  5. I think it's just fine to read to your child while it's still in the womb. I did with my children and my children did to theirs.

  6. These look cute! Thanks for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on!

  7. I think reading to your child while it's in the womb is great, even when they are newborn babies it's great too. It's never too early!

  8. I think it's never too young for a child to be introduced to reading. It's a great learning tool and way to bond.

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  10. I started reading to my boys and my granddaughters when they were first born.


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