Friday, March 3, 2017

Raging Storm (The Remnant Series #2) by Vannetta Chapman [Review & Giveaway]

ISBN: 9780736966559
Harvest House Publishers
$14.99 Paperback
Dystopian fiction
My thoughts: I always highly anticipate reading Vannetta Chapman's new releases. Raging Storm is certainly no exception and reading it has further cemented my opinion of her as an author with varied talents who can and does write fiction that is clean, exciting, interesting, and thought provoking.

As book two in The Remnant Series opens, Raging Storm has the featured individuals from book one (Deep Shadows) now venturing forth to find medical supplies for the inhabitants of their small town. They must try to avoid raging gangs of evil, unscrupulous people caught up in the devastation that resulted from the solar flare that left civilization totally uncivilized with no electricity or other utilities, no food, no medical supplies or hospitals, no protection. Conditions are bad. In fact, they are now so much worse than bad.

As they pierce the evil that is enveloping the large capital city, they do find a small group of people who call themselves "the Remnant." But they also find a different group ensconced in an old church that promises refuge but proves otherwise. Just who can they trust?

Will they be able to find the much needed medical supplies? How will they survive?

The questions this story opens up to niggle in our heads is, "What would we do if our world should today suddenly cease to exist? How would we react? How would we manage? Would we still hold to our faith in God?"

I highly recommended. Get a copy of Deep Shadows (The Remnant Series #1) and read it. Then read Raging Story (The Remnant Series #2.

About the book: In the Darkness, Anarchy Awakens

When a massive solar flare wiped out all modern technology across the globe, the small town of Abney, Texas, was thrown into chaos. Shelby Sparks and her teenage son, Carter, have found refuge, but Shelby knows she can't simply remain hidden forever. Carter is a type 1 diabetic in need of insulin—and Shelby will risk her life traveling to Austin to make sure he gets it.

Shelby's best friend and high school sweetheart, Max Berkman, won't even consider letting her make the perilous journey alone. Together, they manage to get to the capital—only to discover that while things are desperate in Abney, Austin has turned into an urban nightmare on the brink of anarchy.

Shelby and Max's search for medical supplies will lead them into terrifying territory, where the only thing more uncertain than finding what they need is the hope of making it out of the city alive.

In this second book in an eerily plausible, action-packed dystopian series, survival will be threatened and faith will be put to the ultimate test as a raging storm engulfs America.


Begins March 4
ENDS March 25 @ 12:01 a.m. EST
Open to USA addresses only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy by the author to facilitate this review. I was not compensated. Opinions are my own.


  1. We have dried food in the basement, extra water and a heater that works on propane.

  2. I already have a copy but I just shared the giveaway on FB & Twitter :-)

  3. No, I have no plans at this time.

  4. I certainly don't have a plan for what happens in this book. Who does? That total wipeout does sound like a nightmare although I wouldn't mind seeing some technology disappear.

  5. Howdy, folks. Thanks to everyone who has commented. I'm not much of a "prepare" either, but I have learned to have at least 2 jars of peanut butter in the house. I think that's a start.

  6. Peanut butter is good!! It works for me too :-) I get the Costco (Sam's Club) 2 pack of 40oz jars. HAHA!!

  7. We have freeze dried food, water, batteries, radio and so on.

  8. I'm so impressed by this author's ability to write in several different genre. Thanks so much for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

  9. I have an "imaginary plan" but no actual precautions. :-)


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