Tuesday, March 7, 2017

More-igami by Dori Kleber illustrated by G. Brian Karas [Review & Giveaway - USA/CANADA]

ISBN 9780763668198
Hardcover $15.99 US / $21.00 CAN
Ages 4-8
My thoughts: The art of Origami is typically thought to be Oriental. However, anyone who loves folding paper to make pretty objects can fall in love with the art form of Origami. That is certainly the case with young Joey. "Joey loved things that folded...." He love his accordian, had a folding bed to sleep in, and loved to fold road maps.

Then (yep, enter the Oriental influence) young Sarah Takimoto's mother visited the school and a new type of folding was introduced into the life of young Joey.

Joey practiced and found it was much harder to do than he thought. Then he found a new way to practice that actually helped a friend.

The story is sweet and will encourage a child that is trying to learn to do something new. The illustrations show Joey and his family and friends drawn with boldness and colors that will grab the attention of the young child.

I found this book to be entertaining and packed with the lesson of how one should keep trying to master a task until they accomplish it and how to stay cheerful while doing so.

About the book: A creative young boy with a passion for practicing origami finds a surprising source of encouragement on his diverse city block.

Joey loves things that fold: maps, beds, accordions, you name it. When a visiting mother of a classmate turns a plain piece of paper into a beautiful origami crane, his eyes pop. Maybe he can learn origami, too. It’s going to take practice — on his homework, the newspaper, the thirty-eight dollars in his mother’s purse . . . Enough! No more folding! But how can Joey become an origami master if he’s not allowed to practice? Is there anywhere that he can hone the skill that makes him happy — and maybe even make a new friend while he’s at it?

Begins March 8
Ends March 29 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA & CANADA addrsses (No P.O.Boxes)
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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Candlewick Press to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I was not compensated.


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  2. Have you ever tried the art of folding paper to create beautiful objects - origami? I have tried something called Teabag Folding. It was fun.
    If so, what is your most favorite object to create by folding paper. - I love to create animals. The children love it.

  3. I have not tried before, but would like to!


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  6. I've never tried it before but I've wanted to

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    Hattie and Hudson would be another good one to review.

  8. I've done some basic origami - mostly cranes, foo dogs, and foxes.

  9. I have done some origami when I was younger and really enjoyed it. This would be a cute book to share with my kids :)

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  11. I have not done origami before.

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  12. I have done origami. My favourite was making origami boxes.

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  14. My son got origami paper & instructions at Christmas. We have been attempting it here and there, a hamster is fun, rabbit too

  15. Twinkle twinkle little star looks so cute, my youngest LOVES books & he'd really love this one!

  16. This looks like a cute book! Thanks so much for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com this week!


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