Monday, October 31, 2016

A Servant Like Jesus Lee Ann Mancini [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts: Delightful! Super cute and filled with kid-appeal. The illustrations are in bold, beautiful colors featuring big-eyed sea creatures in cartoony style.

On each page there is a tiny Bible hidden for the kiddies to find emphasizing that this is a Christian story and providing those "attention to detail" features that create more interest and concentration. Now, just what is the story and "take away"?

The story is a "first day of school" tale with shyness and how it can be overcome. And then how to have the courage to help someone else who needs you.

There is a strong Christian message of keeping Christ in your heart and being a servant all
geared specifically and charmingly for the young child and young reader. A good book to add to your child's collection.

About the book: Training them up in the way of the Lord!! Charlie is a shy kid who hides behind the cleanup sink on his first day of school. He is asked by his teacher to be her helper. On a field trip, Charlie helps his friend, Bernie, after the fire coral stings Bernie. Charlie carries his friend on his back and prays to Jesus for healing. Charlie understands that it is way more fun to be a helper than to hid behind a sink. Charlie overcome his shyness and wants to be a servant like Jesus!
Begins October 31
ENDS November 21 @ 12:01 a.m. ET
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  1. 1) We talk about the problems at school and the ways they can handle it and see what is best all around.
    2) I think pier pressure and bullying is the biggest problems in school.

  2. 1. I believe that listening to them and talking about their school day will offer the reassurance.
    2. I believe that peer pressure and bullying are very big problems and also the drug cultire that has invaded our society!

  3. 1. Talking and discussing their day at school is an important thin to do.
    2.Bullying is a major problem and should be taken seriously.

  4. 1. We believe talking about issues at school is the best way to deal with them and making sure she can come to us about anything.
    2. Bullying is one of the biggest major problems in school.

  5. Since we don't go to school, this is not something we deal with much. But there are always problems when dealing with people so we practice being kind and not following friends who do wrong the most so far. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday last week on!

  6. We always ask the kids if they are having problems to come to us, then we discuss and work out a plan for them to handle it. I think it is hardest for kids to learn to get along with others and still have the pressures of learning. Balancing those two seem to be a lot for them to handle.

  7. I homeschool, so I don't know for sure... but I think bullying.


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