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Renuzit brings freshness to the home for those with sensitive noses - Renuzit Sensitive Scents [Review & Giveaway]

I like for my house to have a fresh fragrance. I like the scent to be light and not offensive to sensitive sniffers. Renuzit has developed a line of air fresheners specifically for households where folks who are sensitive to air fresheners can have a bit of fragrance and not regret it.
Check it out on Renuzit - Performance without Overpowering

They have three new products: Renuzit Sensitive Scents Adjustable Cones, Renuzit Sensitive Scents Universal Sented Oils, and Renuzit Sensitive Scents Trigger Spray. The Renuzit folks want me to use these products and share with you what I think about them. So today I put these three items to use in my own home - and my husband simply doesn't tolerate strong fragrances very well. (So far his sniffer has not complained so we're happy campers today.)

Renuzit Sensitive Scents Adjustable Cones

We're all very familiar with the little cone that we tuck around throughout the house. Renuzit has been a top source of these in a large variety of fragrances. The new Sensitive Scents I am using is "Pure Water Lily and Cucumber" and it is a fresh, light fragrance.

Renuzit Sensitive Scents Universal Sented Oils

The plug-in scented oils is in the fragrance of Pure Ocean Breeze. The product is said to "Perform without overpowering. Has the right freshness balance for sensitive noses." My package had the plug in case and the bottle of oil. Refills of the little bottles can be purchased without the case. The "universal oil warmer" refills work in any Glade or Air Wick oil warming unit. 

Tucked discretely in a remote bedroom corner, it emits its fragrance. I would prefer this scented oil in a larger room than the one in which I have placed it. I believe it to have too much scent for this small room. Perhaps the Renuzit Sensitive Scents Cone would be better for this room and the scented oil placed elsewhere.

Renuzit Sensitive Scents Trigger Spray

The Trigger Spray a product you can use just to spray and freshen the air in a room or you can spray directly on your furniture (I wouldn't use any product of this type on wood surfaces.) to help freshen and neutralize tough odors and musky, stale upholstery. A really nice deodorizing spray. The trigger spray action works well and instantly.

The fragrance I am trying in the trigger spray is Pure White Pear and Lavender. I'm a bit partial to Lavender so I like this. The lavender is not strong, though. 

My ratings on these products:

Sensitivity = rating very good to high for being non-offensive. (Hayfever season will be the true trial time, though.) 
  • White Pear and Lavender = #1 (My most favorite)
  • Pure Water Lily and Cucumber = #2 (My second favorite - close tie with #1)
  • Pure Ocean Breezes (scented oils) = #3 (My least favorite and may be because in a room too small for it)
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More about the Renuzit Sensitive Scents - click here

DISCLOSURE: I was provided products to review by the Social-Insiders group representing Renuzit. This also included coupons which I will distribute to the giveaway winner. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own, alone. #SocialInsiders


  1. I like the new scents and the canister & spray bottle ones.

  2. I love that the cone air fresheners last 30 days and are 98% biodegradable :) Good for me and the planet.

  3. I learned that these scents are specifically designed for people with strong odor sensitivities and that the cones last 30 days.I found this interesting because I have family members who can't handle strong odors and I prefer the cones.

  4. I adore the Lavender and Pear scent!!!

  5. I really love that these are lighter scents that aren't so overwhelming, plus they have so many other great products!

  6. I love the lavender and pearl because i love the scent

  7. Would like to try the Blue Sky Breeze PEARLS and the
    Pure White Pear & Lavender SPRAY.

  8. I learned that Renuzit Sensitive performs without being over powering and the new fragrances Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber and Pure Ocean Breeze sound amazing and is something I am going to check into getting

  9. I want to try the Pure Ocean Breeze and the Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber scents.

  10. What appeals to me is that the Adjustable Cones come in over 25 scents to pick from, & they last for 30 days! Wow!

  11. Designed to perform without overpowering, for those of us with sensitivities due to allergies , the sensitive scents would be suitable!I love cucumber scents and sensitive scents has Water blossom and cucumber

  12. Renuzit is a staple in our home! It's nice to see they offer a lighter scent. Sometimes I just want a hint of freshness. The White Pear and Lavender and the Pure Ocean Breeze sound amazing!

  13. I Like the Pearls because they are neat and new to me and the sprays because they have always worked well for me and would like to try White Pear & Lavender and Water Blossom & Cucumber I think they would smell really good

  14. I like all the scents they have to pick from like the Lavender w/ white and white peer & Pure Water Blossom and Cucumber. The wall plug in is my favorite product the scent lasts so much longer.

  15. What appeals to me is the large variety of scents and different bottle types!

  16. I like the scents and and the pearls


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