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Creating a Love of Reading + 2 awesome book recommendations by Jane Tanner Co-founder of Bookroo

Our guest writer today is Jane Tanner, Co-founder of Bookroo, brings us two awesome book recommendations. These are typical of some of the books that the Bookroo subscription program mails each month.

Creating a love of reading. That’s really what Bookroo is all about. In fact, our mission is to help parents create lifetime readers, by making reading exciting for children and affordable and convenient for parents.

But how do we make reading exciting for children? Imagine if each month, you got a package in the mail, addressed to you, containing 2-3 individually wrapped surprise books, with a handwritten note. Wouldn’t you feel excited? And special? Bookroo creates that experience for hundreds of children each month, and gives them the opportunity to associate that excitement of surprises, unwrapping, and getting mail with books!

Part of helping children develop a love of reading is helping them to find the right book, so we do extensive research to send really excellent but less well-known books, to give parents and children exposure to stories they might not have found on their own. Here’s two of our absolute favorites we’ve sent out thus far:

The Picture Book Pick

Harry and Horsie [Written by Katie van Camp, Illustrated by Lincoln Agnew]
Let’s face it--the illustrations on this picture book are just beyond cool. The retro comic style of illustration makes this book suitable for a bachelor pad’s coffee table or a child’s bedroom, and the journey of the little boy to rescue his beloved stuffed animal is a story we can all relate to on some level. It teaches children about loyalty, and does a great job of having enough of a story to keep things interesting for everyone involved (parents included), without being so long that anxious children are ready to turn the page before you’ve gotten through it all!

The Board Book Pick

The Book of Sleep [Written and illustrated by Il Sung Na]
This is the perfect bedtime choice! The illustrations are unique and absolutely gorgeous, so that parents and children alike will be fascinated by the mix of colors and textures present throughout. The story follows an owl as he watches over the nighttime routines of other animals, and your child can play “I Spy” as they watch for the owl on each page. We’ve had multiple customers write us to tell us that this is their go-to bedtime book now, and that they’re able to read it over… and over… and over… without it ever getting old. You can’t get much better than that.

We started Bookroo because we are passionate about children’s books and the benefits that early exposure can bring to the life of a child. Knowing what children’s books are excellent (especially if they aren’t on the NYTimes bestseller list) can be difficult and time consuming. Here at Bookroo, however, we LOVE doing children’s book research, and sending excellent less well-known books to our customers each month, individually wrapped and beautifully packaged of course! If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to have you visit us and learn more about our passion for reading and how we can share it with your children!

Chat With Vera's Review

What an absolutely wonderful plan! We've all seen monthly book clubs and other monthly book mail programs but this one seems to me to be head 'n shoulders above them. What I like about it is that each month your little one gets their own special package. Inside are the gift wrapped books. That is just grand! Great for mom and dad to get for their kiddies or just super for Grandma or Auntie to send a love gift on a regular basis. Then, too, if you can't afford or don't actually wish to have an on-going package sent, you can opt for the one-month package. It is a win-win program.

Bookroo sent "Vera" a package with one board book and one picture book. Here is what I think.....
Vera's package arrive with two little books lovingly wrapped
Sassy Let's Count A First Book of Numbers (A Grosset & Dunlap Production for
This is a simple, straight forward counting book for very young children. Simply stated, they count 1, 2, 3..... with a numeral on each page. The charm is in the simple illustrations and the lift-a-flap interaction for the very young. Underneath the flap is a collection of the objects - 1 Sun, 3 cars, 4 turtles, etc. As the child interacts with the reader by lifting the flap, he can be directed to learn to count or recognize simple numerals as well as the quantity of items for that numeral. Also, the child can learn to identify simple objects and point 'n count them. A lovely little book that is a delight to look at.
Board book: "Sassy, Let's Count"
Picture book: "Penguin Cha-Cha" 
Penguin Cha-Cha by Kristi Valiant (Random House Publication)
This is a charming book. I simply love little Julia as she dreamily watches the performers as they whirl, twirl, and dance away. She wants to do this, too.

The illustrations are whimsical and charming. The colors soft and vibrant and defly drawn. Julia is a decidedly feminine little girl with fluffy skirts, elegant posturing, charming facial expressions.

The author/illustrator has done a splendid job of portraying Julia and her love of dance and her interaction with the penguins in the zoo.

If you wish to engage Bookroo for that special young child in your life, follow this link to receive $4 off your subscription. CLICK HERE FOR $4 BOOKROO OFFER

DISCLOSURE: I was not paid for this review. I did receive complimentary books to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own. Guest writer for "Creating a Love of Reading" is Jane Tanner, Co-Founder of Bookroo.


  1. We love Book of Sleep! I know Na has another book--I need to get it for my son.

  2. This is a lovely idea, I've never heard of Bookroo before. Thank you for sharing the post :)

    Hopping over from the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  3. OK, I love the idea of this service, especially as an auntie who lives across the world from my beloved nieces and nephews! And I just might be in love with Harry and Horsie. That is the most gorgeous book!!! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday this week!

  4. Great service and great picks that are new to me! Thanks for sharing at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

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