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Youth Glow Eye Gel Serum from GoPure Naturals

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I regularly use either an eye cream or an eye gel to care for the tender skin around my eyes. Through the years I have had dark circles and in recent years have seen these grow worse. The dark circles are intensified by my allergies which cause puffy skin and circles. Perhaps there is not a product that will truly rid me of these, but I do what I can to care for the tender skin and hopefully alleviate some of the problem.

First and foremost, the products I use must NOT irritate the skin nor migrate into the eye causing further irritation. If a product does this, it is dispensed with quickly. Secondly, it must feel good on my skin. My eyes tend to be tender and easily irritated, so I certainly don't want to worsen that tendency.

How does the GoPure Youth Glow Eye Gel Serum work for me? Well, it has not brought back the look of youth to this lady of-a-certain-age, but it hasn't worsened either. It feels pleasant on my skin. On days when my eyes are most tender, I sense a slight tingling sensation which is not unpleasant or irritating - it just "is." It has NOT migrated into the eye.

The vote is still out as far as Chat With Vera is concerned as to which is best - creams or gels. I like both. I can certainly appreciate the plus factors for gels as outlined below in the product information. I can give the Youth Glow Eye Gel Serum a vote of confidence.

From the product information source: 

What the GoPure Naturals Eye Serum actually Does - This serum provides a number of benefits of your eyes and face area. It is designed to provide the following benefits:
  • Reduction in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes
  • Reduction of puffiness under the eyes
  • Helps to restore the elasticity of your skin around your eyes
  • Helps to minimize fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles that are present around the eyes
  • Enhances the tone and the firmness of your skin where the serum is applied
Why this Eye Serum is Better than Eye Creams? - There are a number of benefits offered by using this eye serum, instead of a regular eye cream. These benefits go beyond what is listed above and include:
  • An eye serum is much lighter and more fluid than a traditional eye cream.
  • The serum is able to absorb into the skin much more easily than creams.
  • The serum will not leave any type of soapy or greasy residue behind after being applied.
  • They are also much less likely to go into your eye, which may result in irritation.

Seeing the Results of the GoPure Naturals Eye Serum

If you have taken the time to select the right type of eye serum for your type of skin, and use it on a regular basis, then there is a high likelihood that you will see a difference in just a few weeks of applying the serum. The wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles that are present should begin to appear less noticeable as time passes.

Summary of the GoPure Naturals Eye Serum

This serum will quickly absorb into your skin to deliver the nutrients in order to provide you with dramatic results. Used regularly you will find that there is a reduction in the saggy and puffiness around your eyes, as well as the dark circles and wrinkles. Additionally, the serum will increase the elasticity, plumps the skin and firms the thin skin around your eyes. It will also help to improve the texture and tone of your skin, by hydrating the delicate area of the eyes, in order to prevent any premature aging.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own. I was not compensated for the review.

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