Tuesday, June 23, 2015

INFORMATION GRAPHICS: SPACE author: Simon Rogers illustrator: Jennifer Daniel

ISBN13: 9780763677695
Ages 8-12 ~ Softcover $17.99
 About the book:  The third in a visually stunning series of information graphics that shows just how interesting and humorous scientific information can be. Complex facts about space are reinterpreted as stylish infographics that astonish, amuse, and inform.

Researched by the Guardian’s Datablog expert and illustrated by New York Times designer Jennifer Daniel, this is a book of the highest pedigree.

My thoughts: The presentation of this book is bold, bright, and striking. Designed to appeal to children ages 8-12, it is sure to grab their attention as they look through the sections that are specially color coordinated with tabs for easy search. There is no index or glossary, but kids will find their way through this book that is filled with amazing bits of information about "space" - that is our Earth, the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and beyond to the galaxies and stars to the Universe itself.

The book begins with an understatement.... "Space is so mind-bogglingly vast...." and yet that statement says it all in a nutshell. It simply amazes the mind with the vastness that is Space!

And the information this little book presents is pretty vast, too. Each tabbed section begins with an "essay" about that section's topic and then the fun, facts, and fabulous graphics begin to unload lots of information on the reader. I find this book amazing, humorous, informative, bright, fun. The book is written with the premise that our solar system is billions of years old, so readers will have to sort that out to their own particular belief system and how it affects the beginning. Personally, I believe God created it all.

This is a secular publication and very well done. It is published by Big Picture Press an imprint of Candlewick Press. I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. No compensation was received and opinions are strictly my own.

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