Friday, December 5, 2014

And this is Christmas . . .

There is so much of Christmas everywhere. Its lights on trees. Songs in the air. Smiles on faces. Toys in shops. Crowds in stores. It’s shopping in malls and stores on the corner. It’s cooking in the kitchen - cookies and cakes and pies of the season. Its harried Moms and Dads. Its jaded store employees and fretful owners. It’s a gleam in the eye of a child. A ring of a bell beside a red kettle. Its church choirs in harmony rejoicing at a miracle of God become man in the form of a babe.

It is sadness in the eyes of the homeless. It is tattered coats and sleeves too short on children suffering from want or abuse. It is the ch-ching-ching of a register as a shopper buys an eloquent gift while a hungry child looks longingly through the window of a restaurant.

It is despair. It is hope. It is joy. It is sadness.

But most of all it is God.

God Himself in the form of a newborn infant in wrappings of rags or swaddling clothes. It is a rank stable or manger. It is a gentle virgin’s warm embrace. It is love. Love where God looks on man’s wayward heart and says it is time for His Son to bring redemption.

Christmas is a babe. Christmas is Christ the incarnate Son of God.
©Vera Godley


  1. yes! THAT is Christmas!! Thanks for posting mom!!

    1. Ah, one of my kiddies is reading behind "Mom" - thanks & glad you liked reading this one. Hmmmmm..... of course, this could be one of the in-law kiddies, too. They call me "Mom" as well. Loving it!

  2. Merry Christmas, Vera! From all the Litfuse chicks!

    1. And thank you for visiting, Litfuse Chick "Christen" - Merry Christmas to you all


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