Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sabi Chop Cut-and-Take Pill Splitter by SABI

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Product Description:  Different people split pills for different reasons: some pills, especially daily vitamin supplements, are so large that they can be difficult to swallow whole. Oftentimes, pills come in only one high dosage version and you need to halve or quarter them to get a lower dose. Others split pills because it’s more cost effective, since higher-dosage pills frequently cost the same as lower-dosage ones.

No matter the reason, if you split pills regularly you have likely encountered many pill splitter pitfalls. When we began to investigate the task of splitting pills we quickly realized that this seemingly trivial task is actually riddled with problem.

We wanted to create a superior pill splitter. We designed a pill splitter that can split all pills of any shape or size, cleanly, accurately, and easily. It employs a non-steel/non-razor durable plastic poly blade so it’s safe and won’t easily wear down. And you don’t have to worry about it rusting if it gets wet so it’s easy to clean.

We made it adjustable to all pill types, easy to hold and press, and at the same time fun to use and beautiful to look at. We hope that when you use CHOP, you’ll get into the ritual of snapping your pills to size and use the moment to stop, breathe, and think on the importance of your health and the time you invest in ensuring your healthcare is accurate, non-wasteful and… just plain fun.

What does "Chat With Vera" think of the CHOP pill cutter?
Well, first of all, I must emphatically state that you should ONLY cut your pills when authorized by your prescribing doctor to do so. Some pills should be taken WHOLE and never cut. Some folks in order to economize or make their prescription medicines last longer, cut pills. This should NEVER be done unless your doctor says it is o.k. to do so. Now, what do I think about this particular CHOP pill cutter?

It is a nice, neat product. The lid is concave and fits the heel of your hand/palm nicely so that pressure applied to the CHOP doesn't hurt your hand or fingers. This is a plus when arthritic hands are applying pressure.

It cuts large pills or small pills - elongated, oval, square, round. The "floor" where the pill is seated awaiting being chopped (don't you like my hint of whit?), is designed to help position and hold the pill before lowering the top to cut the pill.

You really need to visit the Sabi website and see the nice products they have, to learn about the Sabi company. Read a little about them.....
Sabi. elevate. everyday.
Sabi - Products designed to improve day-to-day life
We believe that people's imperfections are what make them beautiful and that intelligently designed products can motivate us to embrace our vulnerabilities and feel happy about doing daily tasks that may have grown challenging or mundane.

Sabi products marry vibrant design and superior performance to make the most humdrum chores – from organizing your weekly pill box to taking a bath, to taking a walk – simply more enjoyable.  Our ambition: to make the everyday moments count, each and every day.
As you look at this product and others made by Sabi, don't just brush them off. Think about someone in your life that would benefit from ANY of these fabulous products. Who do you know that would benefit from using a CHOP or other Sabi product?
Twitter: @sabi_brand
DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. this looks a lot easier to use than the cutter we currently use. Can't wait to see more about this cutter.


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