Monday, March 10, 2014

Mark of Evil by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall

About the book:  Economies have fallen, freedom has been suppressed, and peace is a distant memory. The world is falling apart. Joshua Jordan’s protégé Ethan March, along with Jimmy Louder and Rivka Reuban have been left behind in a world that is rapidly coming under the complete influence of the Antichrist.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, with BID-Tag implants, robotic police units, and drone-bots flying overhead . . . all designed to control and dominate those who resist the Antichrist’s reign of evil. As Biblical prophecy is fulfilled each new day, Ethan and the others in the Remnant struggle to eat, to procure necessary goods, and to avoid the Global Alliance---in short, to survive.

But when the forces of evil attempt to pervert the world’s most powerful information system to their own sinister ends, eliminating everyone who gets in their way, it’s up to Ethan and the Remnant to subvert their dark ambitions. From New York Times best-selling author Tim LaHaye, creator and co-author of the world-renowned Left Behind books, and Craig Parshall, Mark of Evil is the final thrilling chapter in The End series.

With high-tech thrills against a background of prophetic events that seem to leap from today’s news, this is the story of global tribulations bringing the world one step closer to the reign of the Antichrist and the return of Jesus Christ in glory.

Review:  I have read several Tim LaHaye's novels dealing with end time conditions and his perception of how Biblical prophecies will actually occur. No one knows, of course, and these are truly works of fiction. Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Parshall draw deeply from Scripture by weaving them into the conversations, sermons, and "articles" that are part of the story. They bring to play scenarios across the world that hold a tantalizing hint of the evening news broadcasts and newspaper headlines.

In Mark of Evil the reader is continuously switching between different parts of the world for action, political intrigue, evil plots and plans, and adventure. It becomes somewhat difficult to keep it straight, but it can be done. Just stay on your toes!

Do I agree with LaHaye's interpretation and concept of what will occur and the order in which events will take place? Not necessarily. Some is simple conjecture. Some is his belief. But he simply does NOT state dates or set times.

In Mark of Evil the reader picks from the previous book in the series with some of the same characters. But if you have not previously read any in "The End" series, you can still enjoy this read.

To buy, sell, exist one must have the new approved chip inserted. Technology has advanced to the point that the Antichrist will be able to control people whether or not they have the chip. The question is, and to me the purpose of reading fiction of this type, ..... "What will you, what will I do....?"

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from BookLook on behalf of authors Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall and Zondervan Publishing. Opinions expressed are solely my own. I received no compensation for this review.

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