Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Justice Game" by Randy Singer

For legal thrillers, Randy Singer is a go-to-author. He is an attorney, pastor, and author. How the man ever finds the time to do two of these, let alone three, escapes me. Needless-to-say, I do enjoy his writings. As many of you are away, "Chat With Vera" enjoys a number of genres and legal suspense/thrillers is one. But as with my other readings and reviews, the majority are written by Christian authors.

In The Justice Game, Mr. Singer writes about an angle I simply would not have dreamed possible - "shadow juries" that try the trials and speculation by wealthy hedge fund groups and individuals on the outcome. Who will win and how it will affect stocks is up for speculation and grabs. When the verdict comes in, millions are made or lost.

In the book there are several storylines - 1) the hedge fund/speculation on trial outcomes, 2) the battle between the gun rights and no gun rights groups, and 3) the harboring of personal secrets that can make or break careers. Interwoven beautifully the sub-plots are delivered in the beautifully worded style of expert, Randy Singer. His expertise as an attorney brings legal credence to the story. His experience as a pastor draws characters flawed and seeking diving help.  The element of danger surrounding
criminal and civic trials to those involved in the proceedings is dirty and evil. If you enjoy legal suspense, I recommend this book.

I previously reviewed Mr. Singer's books. Read my reviews:  Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales, The Judge, The Last Plea Bargain.

DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of The Justice Game from the Tyndale Rewards program. You can sign up to receive free  book by CLICKING HERE.

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