Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Texas Wildflowers" a Four-in-one-collection by Anita Higman

I thoroughly enjoy reading Anita Higman's books. Recently I read and reviewed WinterIn Full Bloom and  AMerry Little Christmas and find each of her books slightly different in style but thoroughly enjoyable reads.  In Texas Wildflowers  she writes the stories of four sisters. Each is named after a flower - Rosy, Lily, Violet, and Heather; and each has their own story in novella form bound into one book. Nice idea for bringing a family story to the reader. Instead of one book with their stories interwoven throughout, each is a stand-alone novella.

As a Christian author, Anita Higman has characters whose faith is the guiding force in their lives and key to their decisions.  And in a Christian novel that focuses on sweet romance, that is a real plus.  Also, the romance doesn't get uncomfortable as many romance novels would.

This is a book I would categorize as beach-reads, rainy-day reads, or just-for-fun-relaxing reads.  Each novella can be read in an evening or a "rainy-day" sit by the fire.

DISCLOSURE: The author shared this book with me and I enjoyed reading and writing this review. No expectation was made for a review or for positive opinions. I received no compensation for this review.

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