Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If the Shoe Fits - A Contemporary Fairytale by Sandra D. Bricker

ISBN-13: 9780802406286
Review: If you thought you'd left Snow White, Cinderella, and prince charming behind in elementary school, think again! Sandra Bricker writes contemporary romantic comedy stories that will keep you almost bouncing in your chair from your giggles and tee-hee-hees.  Get ready for a rollicking, unbelievable (well, it is based on a fairytale) story of girl, boy, boy, girl, mess, fuss, crying, laughing. Well, you get a bit of the picture.

Julianne and Will grew up as next door neighbors and best friends. Now they are both attorneys and have just launched their own partnership in a law practice. The signage is new. The receptionist is new. The furniture is new. The clients are new and in short supply.

Julianne feels that everyone (that is with an all "bold" capital "E") thinks she can't get and keep a boyfriend. That she is an old maid. That she will die a spinster. Then she sees a real handsome feller strolling down the street and she thinks he's the one. She begins her pursuit.  (Kick in big-time laughs here!)

Well, Will is another story altogether. And that is where the real kicker kicks in (pun intended).
This is Christian fiction in that the characters live Christian lives, go to church, and are morally upright. There are no deep insights into Christianity.

Are the characters believable? Well, you know a fairytale is rife with unbelievable stuff and so is this cute story. It is a fun read and good for a couple of evenings entertainment. Enjoy, and get your Biblical studies from the source - the Bible.

DISCLOSURE: I was provide a complimentary copy by River North Fiction from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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