Monday, July 1, 2013

A Visit to Muir Woods National Park

It is difficult to comprehend that something, anything could live 500, 800, 1000, or even 2000 years. Yet, there are majestic trees that are just that - long-living and beautiful in their majesty.

My daughter, my son, and I had the privilege to visit the Muir Woods National Park near San Francisco, CA in June. It is hard to imagine this beauty in nature so close to a large city where life in the fast lane is the order of the day. But the order of the day for us on this day and in this place was to navigate the mega-traffic, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and soon be in the quiet of a natural cathedral. A Cathedral whose supporting beams were interconnected with foilage that shaded us and the ground below.

A hushed quiet permeated the forest and especially this area where caretakers had respectfully requested prayerful quiet in the area.

We saw a deer within three feet of us nibbling on leaves and watching us as we (foot travelers such as ourselves) likewise watched him. He was not afraid and we were thrilled.

We walked the protected trail that was relatively flat. I can only dream of the scenes we could have beheld had we been physically able to actually traverse the hilly protected trail.  The trails that human visitors were permitted to use were created there to protect the natural beauty.

All too soon we had to leave. Leave the quiet. Leave the peace. Leave the cool. Leave the beauty. And leave the majesty of what God had created and man has miraculously preserved.
Redwoods grow nearly 400 feet tall. "The oldest confirmed redwood tree is at least 2,200 years of age, but foresters believe that some may be much older!"  They are the tallest trees. Facts about the Redwoods"Coast redwoods are able to grow from only a seed to 100 feet tall in only 50 years! Some of these trees can grow 6 whole feet in only one year.  The average diameter of the largest living coast redwood is over 20 feet!"

Pictures taken by my son with his phone. 

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  1. Just beautiful Vera. I can't imagine seeing a tree so large. God's work in nature is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  2. I got your message in Purex and came to see your pics. They are beautiful and what fun to experience it with family. I'm your latest follower. How nice to meet you! Have a great weekend.

  3. such a stunning post! looks like you had a marvelous time in the "majesty of what God had created and man has miraculously preserved." sorry you said it so well just had to quote it! =]

    1. Thanks, Pamela, for your kind comments. Yes, it was magnificent and we did enjoy ourselves wonderfully!

  4. This sounds like a lovely place. I'd love to visit someday!

  5. I thought I'd done just about everything on my (unwritten) bucket list, but I'd forgotten that as a child, I wanted to go see the giant redwood trees of California. Maybe I'll get there yet!

  6. This is so lovely Vera. I love the music as I read and watched the Video. I could look at it every day. The closest I will ever get to going there. I have always dreamed of seeing the huge redwoods of California. 20 feet across. Hard to even imagine. But I have seen pictures where there was a tunnel where cars could drive through. Looks like that would kill the tree, but would be quite a story to tell someone you drove right through a tree. I liked the part where it was so quite and peaceful. Like being in the presence of the Lord I would imagine. You have some great pictures and memories. Maxie Anderson

  7. I have been to Muir woods twice and loved each time. Although each trip was different, with different people, one never loses the awestruck feeling when in the presence of these mighty giants. It causes one to wonder how many of these beauties were cut down in their prime in the name of progress. :-(


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