Saturday, February 2, 2013

"The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams as Retold by Patricia A. Pingry and illustrated by Katherine Wilson

ISBN: 9780824919009
About the book:  Margery Williams's tale of a stuffed rabbit's quest to become Real has been loved for generations. Here, the story has been adapted for a younger audience, so parents can share this classic with their little ones. Simple words and bright, colorful artwork make this board book the perfect introduction to this well-loved rabbit and the power of Real love.

Margery Williams found inspiration for this classic story first published in 1922 by watching her children play with toys and animals. In her lifetime, Williams published more than 25 novels and children's books.

Review:  If you check out the offerings for The Velveteen Rabbit online, you will see just about every shape and variety of artistry and re-telling of this classic children's story by Margery Williams.  Today we're looking at a very-young child's version of the story - a small board book with very limited "story" of The Velveteen Rabbit as retold by Patricia A. Pingry. The illustrations are sweet, softly colorful, and along a classic art format - lovely.

Children absolutely love their toys and especially their cuddle toys such as teddy bears and stuffed rabbits.  In this story Christmas morning arrives with a cute little stuffed rabbit "stuffed" into the top of the boy's stocking. And the little boy adores this sweet toy so much that he declares the rabbit is a real rabbit and not just a stuffed rabbit.  In the hearts and minds of the young child, very often their beloved toys are real to them.  Time passes, the rabbit becomes much the worse for wear with his pink nose rubbed off, etc.  So Nanna throws him in the rubbish pile.  Well, the story ends well (as all readers and lovers of the original story know) with rabbit running among the real rabbits and very happy.

The young child can tuck this little book under a pillow or blanket. Carry it around as he or she plays, and ask for repeated readings.  I picture the child gathering his own audience of stuffed animals around him as he "reads" about the stuffed rabbit that became a real rabbit.

I recommend this treasure of a little book for $6.99 and available at Ideal Books.  

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of The Velveteen Rabbit board book in exchange for my honest review. A second copy was also provided for me to give to a lucky recipient which will be a school.

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