Friday, January 18, 2013

"Dinosaurs for Kids" by Ken Ham

ISBN: 9780890515556
Hardcover $14.99
The reader of "Dinosaurs for Kids"by Ken Ham and published by Master Books needs to first of all understand that this is a publication for:
  1. Kids (maybe 3rd through 6th grade). Its tone is "I am talking to kids."
  2. It is written by and produced by a Christian author and a Christian publishing house that defends the Gospel and the Biblical account of creation.
  3. It is not a good source for introducing the authentication of when dinosaurs roamed the earth to non-believers (non-Christians) because you must first of all convince them that the Bible is truth and is the Word of God. That is the basis for every argument and statement in Dinosaurs for Kids.
The illustrations are excellent and I was very pleased that they were not cartoons. The dinosaurs are very "lifelike" and show great variety within their "kind." The explanation of how secular science has misinterpreted the fossil record and how our understanding of the fossil record - especially that of dinosaurs - has changed through the years.

I enjoyed the section that showed how "Sue" was discovered in the 1990s and is now located in a Chicago museum and this particular fossil dinosaur was reconstructed and how it applied to the reconstruction of fossil remains.

The book dwells exhaustively on the Biblical text as through it needs to be reiterated on nearly every page. For the Christian home this should not be necessary and for the home of new Christian parents and children, it could become tedious and irking.

The 7 "F" Stages of Dinosaurs was an interesting concept:

  1. Formed (When Creation)
  2. Fearless (In the Garden, man and animals live together without fear, without death)
  3. Fallen (Age of Sin and Death)
  4. Flood (Fossils formed and spread over the world)
  5. Faded (begin to die out)
  6. Found (People rediscover dinosaurs and that they were not myths)
  7. Fiction(Biblical truth vs Evolution)
A lovely book and worth incorporating into the church, Christian school, and home library.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy of Dinosaurs for Kids by Master Books for the purpose of providing my honest review without obligation for a positive report.

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