Monday, January 14, 2013

Candle Bible for Kids: Toddler Edition by Juliet David; illustrated by Jo Parry

About the book: The successful Candle Bible for Kids with the distinctive art style of Jo Parry, is now available in a version specially written for younger readers. The Candle Bible for Kids, Toddler Edition features simplified text by Juliet David, as well as a smaller size and fewer stories, which makes it an ideal introduction for younger readers. Sure to be a family favorite.

My thoughts: My preference for illustrations is along a different design or format of art, but the very young child - the toddler - will relate very definitely and positively to these colorful, simple drawings that definitively express what the story is saying at that point. Look at the hills and valleys, the trees and flowers in the page shown below.  Their eyes will interpret it just as their mind already had.  And as they are capable of grasping a crayon and drawing, their art will capture lines similar to these.

I love for the young child to be able to hold his or her own story book in their hands because they begin to consider the pictures and the words they have heard previously and that is how they begin to incorporate it into their heart.  Story telling is seeding time for parents and what better seed to plant that the love of the Word of God and how He explains Himself to people through His Word - the Bible.  Of course, we all recognize that the very young need very simple versions and ideas at the start or they will be overwhelmed. That is where these "bibles" or Bible Storybooks come into usefulness for the child and the parent.

The Toddler Edition of Candle Bible for Kids is worth exploring and using with the young child in your life - parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.  Opportunity is knocking for you to plow the field and plant the seed in the young heart of a child.

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy of Candle Bible for Kids: Toddler Edition was provided by Kregel Publications to me for the purpose of an honest opinion review without expectation of positive remarks. Opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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